October 29, 2011

Feast Your Eyes, and DROOL!

I love the curves and handles! You can also tell that we like Root Beer and Cream Soda at our house 
Just down the street from where we (Jen) live, is an apartment complex. For the last month or so, there has been a mini yard sale every weekend and sometimes during the week. I have driven by and drooled over this little black desk so many times I can't even count; but I kept telling myself, they probably want more for it than I am willing to pay. Today, while on the way to put up found dog signs, I decided we would stop just to put my curiosity to rest. Taped to it was a piece of paper with a big red $5. $5!! I immediately went into survival mode.....MUST....HAVE....DESK!

 I should have kept my eyes on just the desk but silly me wondered what else they had. I turned my head and saw a hexagon shaped end table. I have been searching Goodwills up and down this city (along with neighboring cities) looking for an end table of this shape but hadn't found one that I liked enough to spend $10+ on. I saw another piece of paper with a red $5. Can you say WOWZERS? I looked to Mr. Awesome who gave me the look of "I completely support you Mrs. Awesome" Girls, he is amazing, and not for sale, be jealous! 
I think the girl saw that I was a sucker for a $5 price tag. She brought out this stand and immediately said $5? I couldn't resist. I loved the curvy posts and it was in pretty decent shape.   She continued to try and talk me into buying a very large metal side table with thousands of palm trees on it, the dog (ugliest but cutest little Wiener Chihuahua mix), a couch that was upstairs in her apartment (but she would gladly go get it for me),  and then asked if I would come back because they would have more furniture later (I might actually drive by later...it is right by our house after all...)
 Overall, I feel like I hit the mini jackpot; 3 pieces for $15. I can't wait to give these pieces a little TLC and see how they turn out.
Notice my awesome China Cabinet? Click here for that story

What would you do to them?  I need some ideas people!



  1. Oh my GOSH what great finds!!! Thanks for visiting my blog last week! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  2. OMG!! Love that desk! I can't believe it was $5!! That's awesome! I'm a new follower from the trendy tree house blog hop. :)

  3. You've got me hooked! I've seen hexagon shaped end tables everywhere and wonder what I could do with one that would make it a piece I would want to live with! They are soooo cheap where we live and usually haven't been painted. Love the dresser :)

  4. I bought the same exact black desk from the Salvation Army for $5. It's my very first piece. It's stripped and sanded. Now I have to make a decision on what to do with it. I keep leaning towards staining the top and painting the bottom white. I'd love to know if you've done anything with your desk yet.


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