March 6, 2013

The end...

I tried my hardest to prevent this day from coming but alas it has... You see, today is march 6th or better known in my world as Jens birthday. *deep sigh followed by a bit of lip quivering* saddest day of the year (for at least me anyways). Today marks the end of my 55 days of bliss and the beginning of Jens 310 days of bliss. Check out the full story here. I am saddened to say that today Jen turned 25 and I am still 24 making her yet again older, therefore bossier, than I.  Sad, I know, let us all take a moment to recognize the seriousness of this deep dark day...

Enough of that though, today was actually very nice once I got to see Jens sweet and smiling face. Jen, Mr. Awesome, myself, my hubby, Jens parents, and our grandparents all went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and oddly enough, we all ordered the same thing. It was amazing as always!  It was truly an evening filled with fun, laughter, memories,(and a little heartache on my end).

 Here we have Jen and Mr. Awesome!

This what I got Jen for her Birthday! Yes, it is a door knob, yes it is a vintage coral and yes it is BEAUTIFUL! Be jealous... 

 Here is Jen about to make a birthday wish! Note that she is happy and hopeful...
 ANNNNDDD now please note the change of face and demeanor once we remind her that she is half way to 50!! LOVE IT...  
Finally the two lovely ladies you run this blog. Jen and I!

 Secretly I am (somewhat) glad Jen is older than I, but don't tell her that. You see, without Jen I would not have an older sister to share with, learn from, laugh with. Someone who I could be my complete self around and not worry if we will still be friends the next day. Without her I wouldn't have total bliss in my life. Thank you Jen! I love you! Happy birthday!! 


March 5, 2013

1 Hour Left...

Of Laryssa's 55 days of Bliss and my 55 days of well...not so Blissful. In exactly 57 minutes, I'll once again be older than Laryssa and finally able to boss her around again like the practically older sister that I am. What should my first request be? I'm thinking a midnight text with lots of hahahahas is in order! Best day EVER!


March 4, 2013

Nothing Like An Impromptu Road Trip

This post is brought to you from the comfort of my car.

Today had all the intentions of being a productive day at home with the occasional errands. But sometimes, things don't go according to plan and that is totally okay!

Instead of working at home today, Mr. Awesome and I took an impromptu road trip to Show Low (3 hours away) to pick up some things for his Grandpa. We decided to bring sweet little Ginger with us and then we hit the road. Just Kyle, me, Ginger, good conversation (Ginger can really talk your ear off), and some Jimmy Eat World.

We haven't been able to take a road trip or spend time like that together in a long time so I'm pretty grateful for impromptu road trips. The only downside was it added one more day to my streak of eating out. I can't wait to cook a real meal hopefully tomorrow!

P.S. I had a 2nd iris bloom. Yay!


March 3, 2013

Baby boy colors?!?!

So tonight's post is a little different. But I am desperate and bad at decisions so here it goes. As most of you know nick and I are having a little boy in the next few months and have been preparing our nursery. We have black baby furniture and here's the kicker... No idea what colors to do!!! Nick is a HUGE Nebraska corn huskers fan and he wants Scarlett red, white and black; which I'm not opposed to but unless I can find a bedding I love that match that, that is also reasonably priced then no way ( no fire trucks or jungle animals...) what colors are good for a little boys room? Any good suggestions out there? Lay it on me!! 


March 2, 2013


Sometimes when I have "bloggers block" ( ya it's a real thing... Look it up) I just need to find a little inspiration to save the day.  I know a lot of ladies (and gentlemen) turn to Pinterest for their inspiration, and don't get me wrong it's great!! However, for some real inspiration I have to get out of the house and explore. It gets my mind going and those creative juices flowing! Here are a few suggestions... 

*go to your local thrift shops! Never know what you'll find... 
*garage sales on those early Saturday mornings! 
* Lowes or Home Depot! I can spend forever there...Especially in their garden section. 
* magazines! A fellow blogger shared this and it stuck! She said she uses magazine ads, etc. to find color and texture pallets! Genius! 

Where do you find inspiration?

Happy blogging! 


March 1, 2013

It Feels Like Spring

So Mr. Awesome is officially done! He took the Bar Exam on Tuesday and Wednesday and thinks he did well enough to pass. It will be a long 2 months though before we actually find out. For now, I’m just enjoying my time with him. For 4 years, I’ve had to share him with school or studying for the Bar. I no longer have to share our anniversary with finals study week. Yay!
Now that he’s done, I plan on revealing my 4 year long honey do list that I’ve been secretly adding to and let’s just say Spring Cleaning will come a bit early this year.
Wanna know why else it feels like spring to me? My irises are officially in bloom! The first one opened up just a day or so ago with other buds closely following. iris Iris2 I still have a long ways to go before I have a garden like my mothers. Her irises are always so gorgeous and she has so many different varieties!SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCOne of my favorite things to do is take pictures of my Mom’s garden! Aren’t they just so pretty?!? After I take the pictures, I love to head into Photoshop, start with a blank “canvas” and paint them. This two are my favorite. MG7 MG58x10I have 13 different kinds planted this year but some of them are first year and I’m sure won’t all bloom.  The white one already in bloom is called Skating Party and I just think it’s so pretty. I also have one called Millennium Falcon…I bought that one specifically for my Star Wars loving husband, it’s blue and white stripes. Hopefully that one will bloom so I can take a picture of it and then paint it.

February 28, 2013

Nacho dip that's to die for!

Mmmm. I had this dip that a friend made the other day and it was sooo tasty!! My good friend Casey, was nice enough to let me share it with you! Yay!! Here it is...

16 oz cream cheese-softened
16 oz sour cream
Taco seasoning to taste (2 packets recommended)

Mix with a mixer and make sure all is well incorporated. Let refrigerate for 15-20 minutes.

Toppings (optional)
Lettuce- shredded
Finely grated cheese
Diced tomatoes
Black olives

Eat with chips and enjoy!! Mmmm yum!
Thanks Casey!

February 27, 2013

Etched Glass and Homemade Laundry Soap

HowDoesShe? has an awesome post up on their site today. They are showing you how to etch glass jars and then filling them with our recipe of homemade laundry soap and then they have a free printable of the recipe making this an awesome gift that you can give to your family and friends. I love the idea of giving the soap as a gift and we won’t even talk about how cheap it would be! Go check out their post here.
Make sure to stay tuned for an updated post on our recipe for Homemade Laundry Soap. It’s coming soon to a Blisful55 blog near you!


February 26, 2013

DIY Picture Magnets

Hello, Blissful 55 readers! I'm really excited to be sharing a fun idea with you all today! Jen is one of my good friends since high school so I felt very honored when she asked me to guest post on their beautiful, talented, and crafty blog, especially considering I'm not nearly as crafty or creative as them. Jen and Laryssa are pretty amazing right?

A quick introduction, my name is Megan Robinson and I blog over at "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson." I am a wife, mother, Marriage & Family degree holder, wannabe crafter, Oreo connoisseur, comedian in my own way {at least I think I'm funny}, and sucker for Rainbow Chip frosting. My blog follows my journey through marriage, motherhood, and all the ups and downs that come with life. I also like to pretend I know something about clothes, cooking, and occasionally crafts.

Today, I wanted to show you an easy and fun tutorial for picture magnets that is great for family gifts. I made these for my parents and in-laws for Christmas and they seemed to be a big hit. And you can't beat the price!

So here it goes!

DIY Picture Magnets

items needed:
-images to use {I used Instagram pictures. and I'll show you how to make them into a collage}
-2x2 plain tiles [found at Home Depot for about $3 for a sheet of 36]
-Mod Podge and brush
-magnets [I got a pack of 50 at Wal-Mart for cheap]
-hot glue gun
-paper cutter

You need to print off your images that you are using first. I made an 8x10 collage of pictures using PicMonkey and then got it printed off at Costco (in matte format, not glossy).

a few tips about making your collage with PicMonkey:
- I used the 4x4 square collage template and then added an extra image to the rows so it was 4x5. To do this, you just need to hover an image in the white space until a gray box shows up where you want your image to go.

-I had to resize it a lot to make sure it would fit an 8x10. I finally settled on the dimensions 1657x2000 (you'll have to make sure the dimensions aren't locked) but even then I still had to crop it a tiny bit when I was ordering the 8x10. And I also still had to trim them quite a bit to fit the tiles after they were printed off. But thankfully most of the pictures I chose had space on the edge that i could trim down without affecting the actual focal point of the picture. So just be aware of that when choosing the pictures for your collage.
hopefully all that made sense.... 

-And one last tip with the collage: I adjusted the white space around each picture to be smaller so I had room to cut around the pictures and could then trim them as I wanted instead of how PicMonkey cropped them. I wanted to be able to show the majority of my image in each square and the larger, default white space didn't allow that as much.

Here is the finished collage result that I sent to be printed:

Hopefully all those tips helped...

moving on.

once the collage is printed off [I got mine printed off at Costco for cheap. You can also just print them off at hope on photo-paper], cut the squares to fit your tiles.

You can also use these as photobooth pictures. So cute!

You will definitely need to trim, trim, trim to get the pictures cut to the size of the tiles.

Not even all of the scraps from trimming because I kept cutting crooked...ugh.

After you cut pictures to the size you want, it's time to glue them to the tiles.
First, I added the Mod Podge to the back of the pictures and laid them on top of the tiles.

Once the picture was dried somewhat, I then Mod Podged the top of the picture to the tile to seal it better. Make sure you get around the edge where the picture meets the tile. And don't be afraid to use too much because it dries clear.

tip: I originally tried to cut all the pictures so they fit perfectly on the tile, but then as I was gluing them I found that the ones that had a little white space around the edges stayed on the tile better, were able to be sealed better, and didn't slip around while I was gluing it. I also thought they just looked a lot better to have the small border as well. So if I did it again I would make sure I had that extra space.

Not dried Mod Podge. just to show you how much I put on. It dried clear and there wasn't any white streaks.
Next, after the glue is mostly dry, it's time to glue on the magnets.
Just use hot clue to adhere the magnets to the back of the tiles.

tip: Try to get the magnets as close to the center as possible! I didn't realize that even if they were just slightly off, the tile would not stay straight on the fridge. The ones that are a little off center end up shifting because the weight is not even (you can tell in the picture at the bottom). It doesn't look that bad and honestly, when you are just throwing stuff up on the fridge the magnets are not always straight. But if it's something that will really bother you make sure you are cautious on where you glue them.


I love having the pictures right where we can see them every day.
And my son, Elijah, loves to look at them and tell stories about them.
"Baby Za-Za at Halloween."
"Mama and Za-Za."
"Look, look, look! I on swing!!"
"Ooooh, Cowboy!"

{That was all supposed to be Elijah talking, p.s.}

And want to hear the best part??
They were less than $10 to make!
Happiness all around!

Also, I just made these again the other day for some friends and instead of using pictures I used some cute scrapbook paper that I had. They turned out SO cute and are great to add some flair to your kitchen or for gifts to people who don't your face all over their fridge. :)

Please let me know if you have any questions or want anything clarified. And feel free to share your picture magnets as well! I would love to see if any of you make them and how they turned out.

Thank you so much, Jen and Laryssa, for letting me guest post for you! I really appreciate it and hope your readers liked the tutorial as well! :)

February 25, 2013

Craft Project Sneak Peak

Want a sneak peak at a project I’m hoping to finish soon? It’s actually all done, the only problem is finding a frame to put it in…oops, did I just give away a hint?
Can you guess what it is?SONY DSC SONY DSC It’s a piece of artwork for my master bedroom. It also reveals part of the new color scheme I’m planning for the room. 
Now if only I could find a frame…


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