March 3, 2013

Baby boy colors?!?!

So tonight's post is a little different. But I am desperate and bad at decisions so here it goes. As most of you know nick and I are having a little boy in the next few months and have been preparing our nursery. We have black baby furniture and here's the kicker... No idea what colors to do!!! Nick is a HUGE Nebraska corn huskers fan and he wants Scarlett red, white and black; which I'm not opposed to but unless I can find a bedding I love that match that, that is also reasonably priced then no way ( no fire trucks or jungle animals...) what colors are good for a little boys room? Any good suggestions out there? Lay it on me!! 


1 comment:

  1. I chose a sea blue for the walls with the black furniture. Easy to change up the decorating by changing up what is in the picture frames on the wall! :)


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