March 2, 2013


Sometimes when I have "bloggers block" ( ya it's a real thing... Look it up) I just need to find a little inspiration to save the day.  I know a lot of ladies (and gentlemen) turn to Pinterest for their inspiration, and don't get me wrong it's great!! However, for some real inspiration I have to get out of the house and explore. It gets my mind going and those creative juices flowing! Here are a few suggestions... 

*go to your local thrift shops! Never know what you'll find... 
*garage sales on those early Saturday mornings! 
* Lowes or Home Depot! I can spend forever there...Especially in their garden section. 
* magazines! A fellow blogger shared this and it stuck! She said she uses magazine ads, etc. to find color and texture pallets! Genius! 

Where do you find inspiration?

Happy blogging! 


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