March 1, 2013

It Feels Like Spring

So Mr. Awesome is officially done! He took the Bar Exam on Tuesday and Wednesday and thinks he did well enough to pass. It will be a long 2 months though before we actually find out. For now, I’m just enjoying my time with him. For 4 years, I’ve had to share him with school or studying for the Bar. I no longer have to share our anniversary with finals study week. Yay!
Now that he’s done, I plan on revealing my 4 year long honey do list that I’ve been secretly adding to and let’s just say Spring Cleaning will come a bit early this year.
Wanna know why else it feels like spring to me? My irises are officially in bloom! The first one opened up just a day or so ago with other buds closely following. iris Iris2 I still have a long ways to go before I have a garden like my mothers. Her irises are always so gorgeous and she has so many different varieties!SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCOne of my favorite things to do is take pictures of my Mom’s garden! Aren’t they just so pretty?!? After I take the pictures, I love to head into Photoshop, start with a blank “canvas” and paint them. This two are my favorite. MG7 MG58x10I have 13 different kinds planted this year but some of them are first year and I’m sure won’t all bloom.  The white one already in bloom is called Skating Party and I just think it’s so pretty. I also have one called Millennium Falcon…I bought that one specifically for my Star Wars loving husband, it’s blue and white stripes. Hopefully that one will bloom so I can take a picture of it and then paint it.

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