December 19, 2011

Madly in Love with Mercury

Greetings fellow crafters! Remember me? Laryssa? Now that I am finally done with school, I am excited to fully commit myself to this blog. So that being said, with the holidays all around us one thing I have been admiring at the craft stores lately is mercury glassware. I absolutely love the look of it (but not the price). so I thought, why can't I just transform my own glassware into silver bliss? well I can and I did. 

A quick peek at the finished product before we get started. 

 So this project is so easy there should be a law against it. For your supplies you need Krylon: Looking Glass Spray paint (this is easily obtainable and they sell it in most hardware and craft stores, I got mine at Walmart for around 8 bucks), masking or painters tape (optional), a plain jane spray bottle filled with plain jane water, and your glass ware. I got mine from the dollar store for a buck a piece but you can use some you have laying around the house or some from a thrift store.
 This is the optional part; you can paint your whole glassware or you can tape off the parts you don't want painted with masking or painters tape. I didn't want the stem of my goblet painted and I did a fun unique design on the smaller vase.
 Next, you put your spray bottle to work and generously spray your glass (I flipped mine upside down to spray because I wanted it to be more stable, it was a little windy)  Don't be shy with the water.
 When your done, throw the spray bottle to the side and grab your Krylon: Looking Glass Spray Paint (make sure you have a screw driver handy to pry the top off... sad to admit it but, I almost lost that battle)  Spray away! It looks a bit odd going on but trust me it works. I did two coats just because one coat wasn't to my liking, but one would do the trick too. I find it best to spray the second coat almost right after you spray the first one, you want the glass to still be wet when you spray.
 This is my unique, experiment glass. I figured you can put on any design you want using masking tape, rubber bands, or vinyl lettering ( I think monograms would go great on these! And since its so easy, it would make a fun, creative, personalized and thrifty gift!)
 Now it's time to go inside and do some internet surfing til it's dry!
 It looks so awesome!
 It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes til  its dry to the touch and about an hour til you can handle it.
 When it dries, peel off the tape carefully.

 There may be some tape residue that you need to clean up. I used a q-tip dipped in goo gone. Make sure to not get the painted part wet yet, it still needs time to set in.
 For my large vase I did a little side project, I glued a candle stick that I found at the dollar store to the bottom of the vase using China and Glass glue, once again this glue is available at craft and hardware stores and depending on what brand, it is fairly inexpensive.
Press and let dry. ( Please ignore my nail polish...I must have either been very bored or temporarily insane)
Find a cute vase filler and your done! I choose some sprigs of silver and purple flowers for my extremely cute hurricane and some adorable mini Christmas ornaments for the other, but you can put all sorts of fun things in them; Tea lights would be cool to see too. Try it and tell us what you think!
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  1. I love the mercury glass look. What you have done is so elegant!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family,
    Mary Ann

  2. Weird but it would not let me Follow you ...have to try again later.

  3. I'm laughing because when I saw this on skip to my lou, the picture looked like an upside down floodlight. Since it said Mercury Vases, I thought you were converting blown out floodlights into vases because throwing them away would spread mercury in the trash. And I was trying to figure out how you thought keeping the mercury in an open vase was a good idea. Glad to know it's nothing like that! I've never heard of Mercury glass!


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