February 22, 2012

My Delicate Table Makeover

Jen from Craft-O-Maniac was nice enough to let me come over and share my latest furniture refinishing project with her readers. Thanks Jen! For those that didn’t get a chance to see it, here it is just for you!
Do you remember in my Feast Your Eyes and Drool post where I showed off some of my fabulous $5 finds at a yard sale? Among them was this little beauty. My theme and vision was “pretty and delicate”SONY DSCI picked her up for only $5 at a yard sale just down the street from my house. I had been keeping my eye out for tables of this shape and knew I had to have her when I saw her and especially when I was told the price.
Besides being the victim of an awful refinishing attempt, the table was in pretty good shape. Whoever had taken a go at it before had layered on paint, after paint, after paint. There was so much paint that once it was all stripped off, I swear the table got smaller! Okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point, right? Seriously though guys, if you ever see someone putting 10 layers of paint on a piece of furniture, please take the time to report them to the refinishing police. WHAT?!? You mean to tell me that there is no refinishing police? Well there should be! Okay you talked me into it, I’ll volunteer to be sheriff! The punishment must fit the crime though don’t you think? I say we make em strip and sand the furniture that they victimized. That certainly is a grueling task!SONY DSCSo I stripped and stripped and sanded and sanded until I couldn’t or didn’t want to strip and sand anymore. In all honesty, it stripped fairly easily. It normally takes about 15 minutes for it to start bubbling after you put the stripper on but on this table it started bubbling after about 2 minutes.SONY DSCSONY DSCI didn’t realize until a little too late that the doors were not wood but a plastic mold and therefore where the only part that did not strip very well but I sanded them as much as I could and they still took paint well.
I primed it first using Glidden’s White Gripper that I had left over from some previous projects.SONY DSCMy paint color was determined by the Home Depot Oops Paint section. I always, always, ALWAYS, check the oops section when I go to Home Depot. I saw this paint color, asked if they could tint it just a tad darker (not all Home Depots do this) and paid only $2 for a quart of paint. Incase you are not keeping track, the total for this project is $7. $5 for the table, I had the primer, stripper, and Floetrol (which I HIGHLY recommend) on hand, and paid $2 for paint. I adore this color! So delicate and pretty to me which was exactly my theme.SONY DSCI used some left over RustOleum white spray paint for the handles and then reattached them. I think the delicate scrolly handles are my favorite part!SONY DSCI love how it turned out! The color is beautiful and while it doesn’t have any intricate details, I think the simplicity is beautiful. The plan was originally to sell it once it was done…silly me, what was I thinking?!? The color actually works really well in my turquoise dining room and now I really do have to decide if I want to part with it or make it a permanent member of our blue family.SONY DSC
So do you think I achieved pretty and delicate? Should I keep it or sell it?

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  1. What a pretty little table. I love the white hardware. Thanks for sharing at my party!


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