March 1, 2012

“The Pineapple Incident”

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea…?” That one was for Laryssa who use to LOVE Spongebob Squarepants…and I’m not talking about when she was a youngin'….I’m talkin' adult living on our own blasting Spongebob on the T.V. singing along to that wonderful, annoying, gets stuck in your head, nvm I hate it, song. On the other hand, who else thinks living in a pineapple under the sea would be fun? I hope I am not the only one raising my hand…awkward. Okay, so Spongebob wasn’t my inspiration behind this quick and super duper easy project, in fact it was one of our favorite shows…How I Met Your Mother. If you watch that show, you will get my humor behind this post. For those that don’t watch it, well, I apologize for the weirdness that is to come. We love pretty much every episode of that show but the episode of “The Pineapple Incident” is maybe in the top 10? Too many favorites, can’t narrow it down. In this episode, Ted wakes up from an adventurous night and on his nightstand is a pineapple. He can’t remember a single thing from the night before and has to have friends clue him in to what happened. However, no one can explain where the pineapple came from which really seams to bother Marshal. In the words of Marshal “WHAT ABOUT THE PINEAPPLE?” Yes, I realize we are a bunch of weirdoes, just go with it okay?
A few weeks ago, I was on a very specific mission at Goodwill looking for vintage luncheon plates for Laryssa’s shower, but for me, it’s impossible and unthinkable to not take a quick glance around at everything else, it is Goodwill after all. I actually passed up this pineapple (I think it’s a candleholder) the first time I saw it and on the way home, something clicked, I thought “stupid Jen, that pineapple has potential to be awesome!” I immediately went back and purchased it for $5.SONY DSC
I was so super excited about my idea that I couldn’t wait, I ran to the store and bought some Krylon Gloss White Spray Paint. We have all seen those random animal or objects that are painted a high gloss white and sell for $30-$40 right? That was what I envisioned. A high gloss, white, awesome, pineapple. Now this post isn’t much for a tutorial, I forgot to take a picture of the spray paint but literally, that’s all I did. I spray painted it to death and I LOVE the result. SONY DSC
I actually decided to Google "white porcelain pineapple" to see if something like this actually existed and for how much. I found this statue for……724008_1
………any guesses?……….$73! HOLY COW! Seriously?!? Makes me feel good about my $8 pineapple.
To top off this little project, I decided to surprise Mr. Awesome with it. I hid the pineapple and didn’t mention it and then in the middle of the night, I woke up, took it out, and placed it on his nightstand. IT. WAS. LEGEN…wait for it...DARY! LEGENDARY! He LOVED it and thought it was hilarious.
It is actually the first piece that will go in our new master bedroom…that is right, I got the okay, more like *sighed* “ugh, do you have to? If it will get you to stop following me asking pretty please then OKAY!" Ya, that’s how the conversation went. I haven’t officially started the makeover, but the color scheme is picked and a few pieces of fabric have been bought. I like the idea of having a random conversation piece/inside joke in each room. For now, this awesome randomness sits on Mr. Awesome’s nightstand and stares at him creepily as he sleeps….SONY DSC
So, did I loose any followers? Hope not!



  1. I LOVE this Pineapple!!! Its so very fashionable:)Makes me want one too! lol Slap a pretty candle on that bad boy and call it Stupendous!Love your blog girly:) stop over and chat wont you? Deidre~

  2. That must have been such a validating moment when you found a white pineapple online for $73! I'm pretty sure I've seen them before too. Yours looks great! Very fun accent piece.


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