May 8, 2012

Work on You Wednesday #2

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”-William Penn Can I get an AMEN?!?
Who is ready for Work on You Wednesday?!? All hands are raised, correct? Good!WOYW

Today it becomes official. Today, we get a visit from Matt Townsend! I still can’t believe we get the chance to work with him. This week Matt is talking to us about time management, the power of saying NO, and how to Be Present in our lives. We will see 3 videos in which Matt will issue us challenges as well as tell us the solutions for how to complete those challenges.
This Time Management series could not come at a better time. I am in desperate need of some time management skills. Between house work, being a good wife (or trying), the blog, and my work which continues to grow at a rapid speed (WOOT WOOT), I am feeling myself pulled in many different directions, unable to achieve all the things I had hoped for within my day. I have tried to make mental plans as to how my day will go, blocking out each section of the day, yet inevitably, something comes up and the productive day I thought I was going to have, flies out the window that someone left open!
I have also started reading the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Wow! What an eye opener! I think everyone and their dog should read that book. OR better yet, read the book to your dog…or to someone else…or just out loud if possible. We always seem to grasp what we read better when either reading to someone, or with the intent of sharing what we read. Disclaimer: I might quote from the book or share what I learned so don’t be surprised.
Okay, I’ll shut up so we can hear from Matt.
Favorite quote from that video “focus on the important things instead of just the urgent” I know for me, it can be super hard to distinguish between the two.
Matt’s Challenge: Every day, take a little time out your life and just ask yourself,  what’s the most important thing in my life? What matters most? Identify what that one thing that I can do today that will have the greatest impact as a wife? Make that one thing a goal. Put it in your planner and make sure that if anything gets done that day, it’s that important thing.
How do you define what is important vs. what is urgent?
To answer Matt’s questions: Yes, Yes, YES!
Favorite quote: “Does it help me with my faith, my friends, and my family?” Find out what matters most!
I love the idea of creating space, it totally relieves the pressure to say yes on the spot just to save face. I’m thinking my phrase should be straight up “YO your invading my bubble, back off and give me some space!” Okay it might need some tweaking but how do you deal with letting people off? Do you have a phrase that gives you space, do you always say yes just to save face, or are you one of the lucky few you has the guts to say no right away! I seriously want to know guys so come one…leave a comment.
Favorite Quote: “ If you focus all of your life on the past and future, your missing today.” “Today is the day you are going to change your life!”
Matt’s Challenge: The moment you start feeling stressed, notice it. Start looking for the details in life because it’s the details that help you be present”
Okay guys I’m sure I’m not the only one that worries way more than I should. All hands are raised again right? Crap…maybe it is just me. I definitely needed this video. I need to remember to not worry about the bajillion things I have going on in the future or what happened in the past.What ways have helped you to be present in your life and helped in not being stressed out?
I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did. We truly want WOYW to be a place where we can help eachother, talk about how to improve ourselves and share our tips, success stories, and even failures because we all NEED support.
Make sure to visit Matt on Facebook or on his site. Send him a big thank you for his fantastic videos! We want him to know how much we appreciate his work!
Has anyone decided to join us on our weightloss journey? Not gonna lie…I’m a little scared to weigh myself. I would love it if we could put our goals out here to help with the support factor and I know it will help hold me more accountable. You guys will keep me on track right? My goal this week is to watch my portion size, focus on calorie intake, and loose 2 pounds. I know it’s not a lot but I can’t expect to start off big and if I can achieve the smaller goals, I will feel better about myself and then can work on bigger goals. So what are your goals this week? How do you plan on achieving them?
I’d also love any healthy recipes if you know of any that you just love to pieces! I went to my handy dandy search site that is Pinterest and was sorely dissapointed with the lack of results. They were all spam sites…sad day for Pinterest.
Please chat with us. We WANT to hear from you!


  1. I am sad at the amount of spam I'm finding on Pinterest. I get tired of reporting it but if someone doesnt, who will? I do love the stuff I've found on there so far and the chance to try to new recipes and ideas I would not have though of on my own. Wow Matt covered such great topics, watched them all and plant to watch them again!

  2. I LOVE Pinterest. I found the most Spam when looking for healthy recipes which was disappointing. Matt did cover some great topics. So happy to have him be apart of our WOYW. Thanks for commenting :)



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