January 11, 2013

Hello 2013

Welcome to a New Year! New people, new adventures, new blog, new posts… and old ones… with a little twist of course*wink wink*. 
First off, can I just say that today marks the absolute BEST DAY EVER! That’s right, the next 55 days are full of bliss and wonder magic, unicorns and butterflies (in my mind of course, not so much for Jen). Why you ask, well to briefly sum it up, today is my birthday (Yay! Happy birthday to me!) and today I am the SAME AGE AS JEN (she hates this part). Unfortunately we are only the same age for 55 days so I have to soak it all in while I can before roles reverse and it’s her birthday and it’s her best day and my worst day. 

To tell you the truth, I have mixed feelings about this year’s 55 days of bliss. On the one hand, I’ll miss bossing Laryssa around (or at least trying to) on the other hand, 55 days from now means I’m no longer in my early *cotwentiesough* and instead in my mid *cotwentiesough* Sorry, something caught in my throat. Then again, I’ll get to tease Laryssa about being “a baby”, I’ll get to call her a “youngin”, and once again tell her I’m older and wiser Smile Okay, so maybe 55 days from now won’t be so bad. 

To read the full amazing story of how our adventure and blog began click here (trust us, it’s worth it). Anyways, since we need to mark this momentous part of the year we are officially starting our annual 55 Days of Bliss! For the next 55 days we will have a post everyday on something new and different, funny stories about us (and embarrassing ones), new amazing DIY projects, tips and tricks around the home, new announcements, and anything our little heart’s desire! 

For the 1st post of our Annual 55 days of Bliss, we thought we’d give some updates as to what we have been up to that has kept us absent for so long. 

So fall of 2012 was kind of a big deal for Mr. Awesome and I. He went through his last semester of Law School and graduated in December. Can I get a WOOHOOO?!? I’m so proud of him! I just love that he’s “done” (not really, he’s now studying 13 hours a day in preparation to take the bar in February) You know what that means? I’m all alone to do whatever projects I want!!!SONY DSCThat along with the holidays and my little Etsy shop has kept me pretty busy. Don’t worry though, I have done some projects and have pictures ready so I can just type up the posts and send them your way.

As for me, the past several months have been filled with vomiting and nausea as Nick (The Husband) and I take on a whole new challenge... that is correct, we are expecting our first child in June 2013! Crazy right?! We kinda thought so too, but never the less we are thrilled. *side note- morning sickness really really really sucks, especially when it won't go away after your first trimester and it is somewhat supposed to. ugh. Anyways, we have been trying to mentally brace ourselves for the upcoming months and get ready to start our new journey. OH and can you say " Baby Crafts" ya that’s right. it's a whole new ball game from here on out.

Here are a couple pictures of our little one (courtesy of Jen and the gal doing the ultrasound) Smile Little one!

As part of the 55 days of bliss, we’ll also be sharing pictures every once in a while of us through the ages. To get us started…393912_10150512735839865_604984864_8873243_2115743639_nCan we get an AWWWWWWW! Such sisterly love…or a hug forced by 2 mothers desperate for a picture of their baby girls…we’ll stick with the sisterly love story. We really have no idea how old we are here, maybe 5 &4? Feel free to jump in with corrections moms

We hope you are enjoying the new year! Make sure to tune in everyday to see the latest post!



  1. woohoo, a baby - very exciting!

  2. Congrats Laryssa! And exciting for Mr. Awesome to almost be done for good and be a "real" lawyer! Can't wait to see what is in store for the next 55 days!


  3. Laryssa and Jen, the above picture of the two of you was taken on January 11, 1992, Laryssa's 3rd birthday! Appropriate that you posted it for her big day today!


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