February 24, 2013

No Weekly Menu???

Yesterday I sat down to figure out this weeks menu and then I realized...I don't have to plan a menu for this week. This is the dreaded week. It's the week that Mr. awesome takes the Bar Exam. Monday afternoon we will head into Phoenix and check him in for the exam. Then we will head out to dinner and go to our hotel to hopefully crash early. We'll be in Phoenix for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday I would love to go out on a date with my finally free husband. That means that the only meals I might have to plan are for Friday and Saturday. I guess it will be a nice break from cooking but it will sure test my ability to be able stay under my calorie count. Do you have any tips on eating out and still eating healthy? How about any tips on how to keep your mind from going crazy as you wonder how your husband is doing as he takes the most important test of his life. Maybe I'll take up nail biting or hair pulling. That sounds reasonable right? Oh man, the next 3 says will be stressful. If you have any extra positive thoughts, send them our way please :)


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