January 4, 2012

Branch Out of the Ordinary Frame!

Don't you just hate when you drop a picture and are left with nothing but broken glass, a great frame, and tears!?!?! Me too! However, that was not the case here. I found this frame 50% off at Goodwill for one buck! I picked it up and knew I could turn it into something cute. I thought and thought and finally decided to "branch out" of the ordinary ( get it...get it *wink* No? awkward.... well you will in a minute, just keep reading). I had an idea to add branches to my frame to make it a one of a kind.

 For my supplies I had my frame ( it was an 8x10 but you can use whatever you would like), a handy dandy glue gun, some newspaper so I don't get into trouble for painting on sidewalks, spray paint for my frame (this is optional, I didn't like the color of the frame but you can do whatever your heart desires) and branches that a rather generous bush "donated" to me ( I couldn't find branches in the color I wanted so I cheated and painted them a lovely October Brown color)
 After gently tossing the backing and glass of your frame to the side, get to painting! When spray painting it is good to stay at least 10 inches away from your work. I know it feels like your wasting a lot of paint and that it takes a lot longer to cover the project HOWEVER, it is a lot better than getting too close and getting that weird blotchy, shiny patch all over and having to start over again. Be patient! It will be worth it! ( this is coming from an impatient person so I know your pain...)
 I still got some on the cement.... Boooo!! Anyways, let it dry! And when I say let it dry... let it dry, do not go back and touch it 5 minutes later to see if its dry. You'll only end up with fingerprints on your frame. I know because I cannot tell you how many times I have done this. It all goes back to me being impatient.
 This is me cheating nature and spraying my branches since I couldn't find any good ones. I sprayed it very very lightly to make it look more natural and intentionally missed some spots.
 Once everything is dry and cured, flip your frame over and lay out your branches. Decide what spacing works for you and then cut to size. Get your hot glue gun fired up and get to work!
 To attach my picture I painted a clothes pin and glued a flower that I had laying around to it to spruce it up. I think it would be really cute to attach your picture with mini clothes pins as well.

This is Jen...Don't you just LOVE that picture of Laryssa and her fiance?!? It's a good one right? I wonder who took it....hehehe

Add your picture to your frame and place it on an easel or hang it one the wall. DONE! I think it is a fun and different way to display photos. Try it!


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  1. Wow, what a total transformation! Great job, makes me want to update some of my frames.


  2. Oh my!!! I love it. What a great idea!
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    Be the first 50 to register{FREE} and you could win awesome giveaways from our forum sponsors.
    the CSI Girl

  3. Thanks Jeanna!

    Dee, we would love to come take part in the forum. Is it live yet?

  4. such a cute idea!!!! oh my gosh! I love it!


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