January 6, 2012

Fab not Drab Fridays 1st Link Party!

I absolutely adore link parties! I think they are a fabulous way to show off our stuff, make new friends, and lift others up by leaving comment love. And really, who doesn't love to spend hours at the computer looking at millions of the adorable things people have made? Wait...you DON'T spend hours looking around at link parties? Hmmm maybe I have a problem? NAH! And no I am NOT in denial! I decided I wanted to give it a go at trying my own link party so here is the first official Fab not Drab link party for Our DIY Diaries! I hope you enjoy! Spread the word and lets spend hours and hours cheering on our fellow amazing DIYers.

Just some quick rules...not rules really, let's call them "Guidelines for Harmonious Blogging"....we love How I met your mother...no judging!

Guideline for Harmonious Blogging

#2. Pretty please...add either the Our DIY Diaries or Fab not Drab Fridays button to the post or at least make sure to link back to us somewhere in the post.
#3. I reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive or do not adhere to the rules. But I really don't want to so just follow the easy guidelines...please!

#4. This is really just a STRONG suggestion but I won't force you...that said, I would LOVE for you to follow us.
#5. And since we all jump for joy at new comments, please take the time to visit other links and leave some comments of love and encouragement!

I will do a feature...or two of our favorite posts so make sure to check back! I can't wait to see what wonderful things you have all created!
Manic Mother

Now lets get to partying!


  1. Thanks for hosting! I linked up a few things and added your party to my list.

  2. Just found you from the CSI Project Forum and linked up!

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks so much for inviting me! Glad you liked my damask!

  4. Thanks!! I love link parties!

  5. Good luck with your first link party!! I also love link parties!!!

  6. Thanks so much for hosting!!! I'm excited to know about your fun blog!!! I'm your newest follower!!! XO, Aimee

  7. Hi Jen...lovely party! Thank you so much for stopping by 21 Rosemary Lane and leaving such a nice comment. I did link up my watermelon pink vanity and I am now following you!


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