January 23, 2012

The “Impossibilities” Challenge

Let it be said that this post is proof of just how much I love our readers because it is taking everything I have to not hit the delete button and trust me, hitting the publish button will be one of the hardest things I will ever have to do. Revealing my extremely disgustingly dirty unorganized mess of a house is so 1000% out of my comfort zone its crazy. I NEVER let ANYONE (with the exception of my parents) see my house in such disarray, to allow that is just inconceivable to me. Even if someone is just “dropping something off," not even stepping 10 feet inside the front door: That living room MUST be spotless! Yes I realize I am crazy, no judging. So you realize now how difficult this is for me.
A little back story, this is the first house we have lived in and we moved in almost 5 months ago leaving the apartment life in the dust. Yes, we are still renting but the hope is to be here for a while. My brain hasn’t comprehended that yet, I’m still in apartment mode where it’s easy to have one foot in the door and the other foot looking for the next place to live. Anyone else have that problem? So combine that mentality with a busy life and just flat out not wanting to deal with it, has caused this daunting mess. Seriously guys…don’t judge. My house is usually not this bad…I promise!DSC05717
With the exception of the Twilight books on the floor (yes I am a fan…Team Edward!) The majority of this disaster, is not mine. We moved in right after Mr. Awesome went back to school and he does his studying in this supposed “office.” His studying requires the printing and reading of hundreds of pages each and every week. This is combined with us attempting to go through the file cabinet and boxes…apparently the task at hand got overwhelming and we never finished…or maybe finals, holidays, and panic at the thought of tackling it alone overtook the need to have it done, either way…it’s bad and this is at it’s worst…eek. Eventually it will be our Asian office full of my souvenirs and pictures from my time living in China teaching English. Someday…DSC05719Okay, just how Mr. Awesome gets to take credit for the “office” I take full credit for the “crapft” room...get it? The intent for this room was to make it a music/craft room and even bring over the piano that we get from my parents. No one told us that a spare room becomes the catch all for the unpacked boxes. Now combine that with all my “will be refinished soon” furniture projects and tools, and paint, and the 2 random plungers we found recently while going through boxes, and you get a complete disaster of a room. Someday I’ll have my music/craft room…someday…DSC05720I can’t even attempt to justify why our closet is so bad. It gets better, then worse, then better, then worse…I dream of an organized space full of lots of beautiful clothes and adorable shoes. The most organized thing in this closet are Mr. Awesome’s Star Wars books….oh what a Star Wars Nerd!DSC05726The dining room is my least scary room. It needs a good clean (although it’s usually not to bad, I just haven’t cleaned since birthday-get-together-weekend) more things on the wall, and the freezer will get a face lift. Other than that, it is pretty much done with the exception of missing one piece of furniture…my dream buffet…someday…DSC05727The living room is also almost done so I’ll give it a good clean and hopefully get more pictures on the wall. That sad little gray rug? It will be getting a paint job as soon as soon as I find a stencil. The only downside to my living room are the dimensions. It is long and narrow, making me confused on my furniture placement and what not.DSC05728And finally, my poor bare hallway is just screaming for some love including pictures on the wall and for the awkward cut out to be filled with decorative items instead of used as a catch all for receipts, keys, money, wallets, etc. Seriously, it's like the bottom of the ocean where you find buried treasure.So like I said, my house isn’t always this bad, it just got extremely bad over the month of December and it’s about time to get my brain on track and out of apartment mode and start living in our house!
I can’t guarantee that I will get all the decorative items done and furniture refinished since I am joining the party late, but I will get it unpacked, cleaned, organized, and things put up on walls so that it feels like home.
Thanks for the invite to the challenge Linda. It’s just the kick in the rear that I needed.
For all those needing a good challenge, come join us in doing “The Impossibilites Challenge”


  1. Your dining room is gorgeous! Love love love the white with the turquoise! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest :) At least you have some good sized rooms to work with and the possibilities are endless!

  2. No judging - you should see my basement!! Glad you're joining our challenge - routing for you!!

  3. You can do it! Seriously you rock for being so honest....what a refreshing change! I can't wait to see whatever progress you make on January 31. Thanks for joining the challenge!

  4. I am so glad you've joined the challenge! You can totally do it, it's amazing how quickly our spaces can get out of hand. I can't wait to see your results! And, I am your newest follower - from Team Jacob. :)

  5. Yay! I'm so excited about your impossible! It closely resembles mine :) follow along on www.413sparrowlane.com I wil definately be following yours. You have a cheerleader in me! <3 from an avid follower and fellow (brand new) blogger
    Follow me: www.413sparrowlane.com

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos and being so real! We've all been there. I've taken the challenge too and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


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