January 25, 2012

Bye Bye “Rustic Charm”

Last year for Mother’s Day, my MIL was given a few cans of spray paint so that she could finally paint this outdoor table that she had been talking about.DSC05697
Using the spray paint as a weapon, an attempt was made on this poor tables life…a poor miserable attempt ( I still love you MIL!) So almost a year later, and with an outdoor luncheon fast approaching, guess who flew in to save the day? SUPER J! Okay so it may not sound as awesome in writing but when I say it, I imagine this adorable little boy (who is now almost 3) running around with his arm straight up in the air yelling “SUPER J! SUPER J!” Yes, normally he isn’t yelling Super J, he is yelling either Super Wy! or BATMAN! but hey, I can dream about being his favorite aunt right?

This project was easy peasy. It was given a good wipe down and then just covered in Krylon’s Flat Black Paint. I gave it a couple coats and did some tricky maneuvers that only a superhero could do to get into tiny crevices. All in all, super easy!SONY DSCSONY DSC
I think it’s a good improvement and I think the MIL was happy with the result…maybe she was just saying that so she didn’t hurt my feelings? Well it worked so I won’t argue with it.

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