January 27, 2012

Fab not Drab Party and Features Fridays #4

I love link parties, I love watching the submissions come in and being wowed by all the incredible talent you all possess. I’m beginning to dread Thursdays when the time comes to pick favorites. This weeks favorites come from the fact that this week, I am particularly partial to 3 things…buffets, lamps, and turquoise. I’m partial to buffets because I have been pleading with the universe to send me my dream buffet for refinishing, the universe doesn’t like me very much because it has not answered…in the slightest. "Dear Universe, I apologize for whatever I might have done to hurt your delicate feelings, please forgive me and send me my buffet!" My dining room is in desperate need of a beautiful “color kept secret” buffet!
This buffet comes from Julie at Crafty Imaginings and Silly Things and it is stunning! Not only did she refinish it to make it beautiful, she repurposed it to fit her needs. I love the color, the stained top, the painted hardware, and the chicken wire! It is beautiful! Great job Julie!Buffet Before 011212 (2)
Isn’t it just gorgeous?!?
I am partial to lamps because I recently decided that the lamps in our bedroom just do not work. They are as skinny as a toothpick and well…just no, they have to go but SHHHH I haven’t actually said that to Mr. Awesome. I’m waiting until we are at Goodwill and find some hideous cheap lamps that I can refinish. I am also partial to the color turquoise for many reasons  1. It’s my best color and makes my eyes look turquoise…yay! 2. I also have a sentimentality towards my Grandmother and turquoise being her favorite color. I inherited some of her turquoise glassware which really inspired my decision to decorate my kitchen and dining room in turquoise. Now considering the fact that my dining room could use more light, I would greatly appreciate it if Melissa from Serendipity and Spice would just send this beautiful lamp my way. I think the turquoise is beautiful, I think the cable knit sweater is genius! And that beautiful pin is just perfect! I love everything about it! blog 004
blog 035
Beautiful Melissa…Beautiful!
Please grab a feature button ladies and congrats on creating such wonderful pieces!
Thank you so much to everyone that linked up this week! Please continue to link up and share with your friends.
Now lets get the next party started!
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  1. hello~! Thanks so much for commenting on my table! :) I love the featured projects & I'm super thrilled to be a part of your link party! :D


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