January 31, 2012

The Impossibility is Possible!

Okay so really this is just a preview. I lost light and refuse to change the light bulb in the crapft room in the dark. If you are more than a little lost, go visit this post and find out about my Impossibility Challenge.

All the rooms are pretty much done I would just like 1 more full uninterrupted day to put the finishing touches on the rooms. Not to mention, I went to a few thrift stores and a couple Goodwills and now need to find more space to store all my awesome finds. In the meantime, enjoy my new favorite room in the house. It went from this…DSC05718

The most daunting room in the house next to the crapft room. Everytime I would walk by the office, my heart sunk a little. I am happy to inform you that I now go in and just sit there and relax but that is what it is now, relaxing!  It is beautiful. It is clean. It is organized. It reminds me of the amazing life experience I had of living in China, teaching beautiful children, English. It is almost  perfect.SONY DSC
The only things left to do is find *or make* the perfect curtains…whichever is cheaper. And finally, I need to refinish a chair…possibly this one, possibly a different one.SONY DSCI love that this room is filled with all my little treasures. They truly are dear to my heart and aren’t those children just adorable? SONY DSC
SONY DSCThe only thing that I’m not to fond of is the “add on cut out”…oxymoron? I filled them up the best I could for now.
It is such a relief to have the rooms cleaned and organized, especially now with Mr. Awesome back in school and starting his internship with the City Prosecutors. The goal now is to keep it clean and organized which is kind of our theme for this year. So far, we are on the right track and I love it!
How is everyone else’s Impossibility Challenge coming? Don’t stress yourself out trying to finish it, the point is that we make the effort to conquer our challenges. Can’t wait to see how everyone is coming along!



  1. What an improvement! You've been busy, looking good :)

  2. What an incredible transformation! The room looks perfect! Thank you so much for linking up to our party!


  3. Amazing! Thanks for taking up the challenge ...


  4. WOW!!!!!! you really ROCKED this project my friend!!!! Totally FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for joining in on the party!!! sending hugs...your newest follower!

  5. As someone who just decluttered my basement - I feel your pain! The end result is amazing!! Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities Challenge.

  6. Great transformation! I'm so glad you were part of the challenge, thanks for linking up!!



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