April 23, 2012

A Bread Box Makeover

Laryssa and I are back from SNAP and I apologize that Fab not Drab did not go up on Friday. I, for the life of me, could not get internet Thursday and Friday in the Hotel.
I can’t even begin to explain how awesome SNAP was so while I am editing pictures and writing up a post all about SNAP, I thought I’d share a simple little project.

I received this bread box from my mom who got it from my sister in law who got it from….well I really didn’t trace it back further than that. I wasn't sure what to do with it at first, as weird as it sounds, Mr. Awesome and I don’t really buy very much bread other than the occasional hamburger buns or sandwich rolls…I know, we are weird. We are no longer in denial and have learned to embrace our weirdness. I figured I could find a use for it eventually, if not, it could serve as a pop of color in our kitchen which is sorely lacking in the turquoise.
This is what the bread box looked like before. SONY DSC
It really wasn’t in bad shape, especially if you want the chipped paint look. However, that is not the look in our home and If you have seen some of my other projects, you will know that I love me some color, and lot’s of it!
All I had to do was a quick wipe down and a trip to Walmart to buy the Krylon Ocean Breeze High Gloss Spray Paint.krylon
I LOVE this paint! I know that high gloss doesn’t seem to be all the rage but I actually really like it. It went on so smooth! (I should be a rep for Krylon huh?, put in a good word for me)
I did a little light sanding using 440 in between my 1st and 2nd coat just to get the nubbies off but that was it. Now it adds an additional pop of color and holds some random junk that gets thrown in it…at least it has a purpose now right? Official kitchen junk holder. Such an endearing name!SONY DSC
Do you see that adorable apron on the wall? My Aunt who is AMAZING made that for me and I so so so LOVE it. If you like it, you can find her at La Mari Styles on Facebook.
One last look at the awesome Kitchen Junk Holder.


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