April 27, 2012

Fab not Drab Friday

WooHoo it’s Friday! Anyone have some awesome projects lined up for the weekend? If so, I want to hear about them! I finally got my inspiration needed for my buffet and will be (hopefully) picking up the paint this weekend so I can start that first thing next week. EEEK I’m so excited about it I can’t even tell you! My biggest project this weekend will be cleaning house, editing pictures, and writing up posts. Fun right? I think so! I feel like this week went by in seriously a blink of an eye. Like, did it really even happen? I think someone is just messing with my head…it’s really Tuesday isn’t it?
Again, so sorry that the Party didn’t go up last week. Dumb hotel internet! (or lack thereof) We have 2 new ladies to feature this week and I am so excited!
Our first feature is from Linda at Studio of Decorative Arts. Now put your hand under your jaw so you can catch it because it for sure will drop!dining rm ceiling new other side DSC_0075-001

That is her ceiling gals! Oh my INCREDIBLE! Seriously, I would die trying to put that on my ceiling. So many intricate details! Linda you did a fantastic job. Wow, just wow!
Our next feature is a girl who is dear to my heart. Megan from And Here’s To You Mrs. Robinson. I’m so glad she linked up. Really Megan, where have you been all our link parties lives? I have actually known Megan for years and years but also haven’t seen her in years and years since we went to High School together and then she moved away. I swear, the day that phrase is used makes you question just how old you really are! “I’ve know her for years! We went to High School together” “Good for you Mom!” Oh crap, that wasn’t my Mom saying that? It was me?!? I DON’T WANT TO GET OLD! I see the wrinkles starting to form already…eek. Megan threw her son a party for his 2nd birthday all around the theme of “What are little boys made of” It is DARLING! I love her little details. This might take a few pictures for you to get the full idea of just how cute this party is.
food table 4[4] Collages15[5]Collages14[5]  Collages16_thumb[5]
Adorable right? She did an awesome job!
Ladies, you deserve a trophy for all your awesome hard work. Unfortunately, I don’t have any trophies. Will you settle for a button?!?
As always, we absolutely love everyone who linked up and we love the you make the decision of who to feature so difficult. This next week we will be trying something a little new, I will be sharing linked up projects on Facebook & Twitter so make sure to get your projects linked up and don’t be afraid to link up more than one or two if you have them!
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  1. Thanks Jen for featuring my ceiling. It was a labor of love! I'll be linking more projects up again soon!


  2. Thanks for linking it up! It's absolutely beautiful!


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