May 3, 2012

Fab not Drab Friday

So I kinda feel the need to rename our little party for this week and you can’t see it but I’m kinda pouting…like lip out and everything! I certainly don’t mean that the projects linked up were drab…NOT.AT.ALL! They are awesome as always and so inspiring, but let’s face it….6 link ups? That’s a little drab. I don’t mean to play the poor me card but it reminds me of my junior high days (ya know, like 2 years ago…haha, lol, jk, ?) when I tried to throw a fabulous party but little Miss Perfect Popular Priss (yes that was her full name…initials? PPP) decided to throw a party on EXACTLY the same night as mine and therefor all the kids went to her party and I was left alone to stare at the pink and blue streamers that graced my ceiling…OH now I get it! I used streamers! That’s why no one showed….phew, I just thought I was unpopular. Seriously though, we gotta GET.THIS.PARTY.STARTED! I am all ears for suggestions, critique (disclaimer: I have fragile feelings so be nice…okay I really don’t but still haha, lol, jk, ?) Tell me what you think we can do to improve this party. E-mail:     OOOO I know! We need a new banner and some new buttons don’t we?!?

Before we get to the new buttons, our featured gal this week is Sarah from Renewed Upon a Dream! We love her creative ways to organize! Check out her awesome way to organize embroidery thread.Organizing with mason jars
How great is that?!? L.O.V.E. Thanks for linking Sarah, you can now officially be the first person with our new Fab not Drab Featured button. Woot Woot!
Onto a new party and PLEASE don’t make me pout again next week, it’s so not a flattering look for me! Share the party with your friends and don’t be afraid to link up a couple of your projects!

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  1. Oh my thanks so much for featuring my little organized thread! :) I appreciate it much!!!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the party! Just wanted to let you know that your button code has an error which causes the image not to show up. There's a double quote at the beginning of the image url src.

  3. Hi Colleen,

    Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully it's all fixed now.


  4. Hi Coleen

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, leaving such a nice comment and for inviting me for this fabulous party!!!

    New follower too! lovely blog!!


  5. Thank you for the invite and thanks for hosting!!

  6. Thanks for linking up everyone. We love seeing what you have been up to.


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