May 2, 2012

Work on You Wednesday #1

DIY can encompass everything from our trash to treasure projects, laundry soap, and yummy food. But what about self improvement DIY? After all, who can improve us better then ourselves? We want to encourage all of us to take some time out of our day & week to work on us as individuals. There are so many aspects for which we can improve. There’s our health, communication skills, relationships, being a better wife, a better friend, a better mother.
That’s why I am SO excited to introduce Work on You Wednesdays!WOYW
While Laryssa and I were at SNAP, we had the opportunity to listen to Matt Townsend. If you have never heard of him before 1. Shame on you (okay so I hadn’t heard of him either) and 2. This picture says it all. I stole this picture from Tauni and while Mandi from Vintage Revivals might strangle me for posting this, I figure it was originally posted on Twitter so it’s just out there no matter what. 02c71f2de8c1c11e18cf91231380fd29b_7
The caption read “@vintagerevivals is laughing so hard she's in tears. #keynote #snapconf” Tauni, thank you for catching this on camera…it’s just awesome.
So do you get the point about Matt Townsend? If you didn’t, let me tell you….HE IS HILARIOUS! Oh my goodness, the entire room was roaring in laughter (some in tears). I love listening to a good speaker. One with great content AND a great delivery cuz let’s get real. You could have fantastic content but if you deliver it standing stiff as a board, eyes looking down into the microphone, your audience will do 1 of 3 things. 1. Run to the grocery store, get lots of tomatoes, and then you end up looking like you belong in the Fruit of the Loom Commercials. 2. They get up and leave, learning nothing from your genius monotone dialogue (and they will boo on the way out) 3. They die of pure boredom and then you are charged for murder. None of those are good options so it’s a good thing Matt is so awesome.
Get back on track Jen….okay so after we got to listen to Matt speak, Laryssa and I went over and had a chat with him, bought his book and c.d (also awesome) and got some really great hilarious advice on how to deal with certain drama in our lives. We gave him our business cards and then filled out some info which apparently paid off because I got to do the happy dance when his rep. contacted me asking if we would like to work together. Now I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who got that email but nonetheless, it’s exciting and we JUMPED at the chance to work with Matt.
So Work on You Wednesdays will be featuring video clips (or written if that doesn’t work) from none other than MATT TOWNSEND! I know your just jumping up and down with excitement right now. I certainly am. Matt-Head-Shot-Twitter-199x300
You can find Matt here.
We would also like to do a weight loss challenge and support system since support is everything when it comes to loosing weight. Maybe I’m just doing this for me since I feel like it will hold me more accountable and I know I need the support but I hope that others will join in with us. Please trust me when I say that posting this is SO FAR OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!!! Like it’s not even funny. This is just not something I would normally do so no laughing at me, no making fun of me or saying hurtful things behind my back…I’m self conscious….respect the self consciousness. Please give us your feedback though (in a nice way) We would like to know if you would like to participate in the weight loss challenge and if so, would you prefer a weigh in every week or every other week? I’m not going to ask that we post our starting weight only how much we loose And just so you don’t feel bad for snacking and to give you an idea of how sad I am….in the process of writing this, I may or may not have had a Ding Dong…okay I did have one. See how pathetic I am and much I need your support?
We hope that you will join with us on this journey of self improvement and please please please give us some kind feedback so we know you're not just secretly laughing at our idea while sitting in p.j.s eating Ding Dongs and Cheetos….ooooo Cheetos!!!!! Oh it’s bad guys….please help!
To start of Work on You Wednesday, I will leave you with a motivational quote in the form of a printable. Now if you would like this printable in different colors, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do Winking smile
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  1. very cool! Looking forward to hearing more about this


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