May 1, 2012

Quick Disguise!

Ever see something so lovely but think, the color just isn’t quite right. well duh, just paint it!SONY DSC

My Mother in Law, Julie, was getting rid of some old candle sticks that weren’t her style anymore. So of course, since I’m such a nice person, I took them off her hands... because I am so nice ( not because I don’t LOVE free stuff or anything, right?) SONY DSCI absolutely love the style of them, I think they are beautiful combination of elegant and vintage. I was on a mission to include them in my wedding day decor.  The only down fall is that my wedding colors were Plum, Silver, Black and Cream… not  bronzed gold- ish.  So,  I went to the store and picked up a can of this bad boy, Rust-oleum , Ultra Cover, Metallic. SONY DSCOne problem I have with silver paint is that I don’t want it to look what I call  “ Futuristic- Robotic- Super Shiny- Metallic- I can almost see myself if I squint hard enough” Silver.  I wanted a more matted looking silver.  And since no one could quite figure out what in the world these candle sticks were made of, we just took a gamble, and let me just say that I love this paint. It is so fabulous. SONY DSCAfter you throw your paint drop down, get to work! REMEMBER THE LAWS OF SPRAY PAINT!! 1. Spray from a respectable distance, I cannot tell you how frustrating it can be when you get too close and then you have that odd “wave” of spray paint.   2. Do Not Touch until dry! I know I say this every time I do a spray paint project but that’s because I am all too familiar with it, I will admit that I am always so anxious to touch it and see if it is dry, I don’t know if it is because it is so smooth and irresistible or what, but RESIST! SONY DSCOnce mine dried I threw on a black glaze.  I wanted that vintage look to it ( totally your preference).  SONY DSCSONY DSCAnd just like that they were ready for the ball. Beautiful. Simple. Easy.


  1. LOVE! What did you use for the black glaze?

  2. LOVE! What did you use for the black glaze?


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