May 21, 2012

It’s the End of the School Year…Go out with Style...

When I was a wee lass, one of my most memorable school experiences each year was the last day of school. Besides being so excited for summer to start and school to be out (which by the way, ever since I moved to the valley I no longer look forward to summers…) I was also excited to give my teachers an “end of the school year, thanks for putting up with me” gift. My Mom was so great when it came to being creative and throwing together something fabulous to show them how much we appreciated all their hard work. Well, now that I’m all grown up, I became a teacher, and let me tell you… we LOVE homemade gifts (ssshh… don’t tell, but I prefer a hand crafted gift over the all too familiar Starbucks gift card that I just end up re-gifting, ANY DAY!) photo_thumb[1]
I think this vase lined with pencils is absolutely adorable, any teacher would be so excited and honored to get this as a gift (complete with some flowers of course). It is so simple, too! photo(1)[4]Go ahead and grab a few boxes of pencils and a couple boxes of colored pencils if you’d like. A vase, I got mine from the good old dollar store (hmm… I wonder where these pencils were made… maybe China? wink wink) And ribbon of your choosing.  You will also need either a hot glue gun or Tacky glue (if your patient enough for it to dry … I’m not). photo(3)[4]I wanted a pattern, so I measured my vase around the base and then lined my pencils up how I wanted them applied first. Although, I must say, I think that it would look very cute randomly placed as well. this is one of those projects where you can’t really go wrong. photo(2)[4]Apply your glue and get busy! Complete with an adorable bow to tie it all together and ta-da! Super cute, super easy and super inexpensive, mission complete! photo_thumb[1]I am so excited for you Mom's out there to surprise your little ones teacher with a great and creative gift! Have fun!

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