May 22, 2012

Work on You Wednesday

20+ Minutes of pure awesomeness from Matt Townsend today. This video had me laughing and constantly shaking my head. The scenarios are just a little too familiar. I will let Matt do most of the talking today since the video is a little longer and it’s kind of hard to focus when your husband and brother in law are yelling “SHOOT” “SCORE!” “YES!!!!” at the tiny men with funny masks and sticks inside the T.V. When will they understand that those tiny funny looking men can’t hear them? Maybe Matt will have the answer for me…

So how many of you were shaking your head the whole time? So much so that you now have a headache? I feel your pain. Mr. Awesome is usually pretty good at listening but trust me, there are times when I tell him to smell the trash and he has the nerve to smell it and NOT take it out?!? How does he not do what I ask? haha,  I loved that part! And can I just say that I’m so looking forward to our 20th year anniversary so we can FINALLY have things figured out lol.
Okay favorite quotes are:
“Okay, eliminate the kids! Eliminate em! We’ll make another one just like em!” (Trust me, just watch the video)
“The minute you start advising them, they don’t like you. They want to kick you right in the throat!”
I really think Matt’s advice can be applied to more than just our marriages and relationships with men. It’s more than an excuse to kick our husbands in the throat (although, when I do that Matt, I’m telling Mr. Awesome that you gave me permission…so be prepared!) I think we can apply this same advice to our interactions with other women as well. My goal this week will be to be more direct as well as try and read in between the lines. There are plenty of women who’s thought's and idea’s seem totally batty to me and maybe it’s because I can’t read between the lines to try and understand what they really mean and want, or maybe they really are just crazy and deserve a kick in the throat? Man, Matt, you rock ha! Okay seriously guys, no kicking anyone in the throat. Try and take the time to read between the lines and remember to be more direct. It’s probably torture for out poor husbands to try and figure out what we really want.
What communication methods do you find effective? This is something I think we ALL need work on so don’t be afraid to share!
BTW, the zucchini fries? DELICIOUS! Did you try them?

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