June 21, 2012

The Explanation and The Plea

We promised an explanation as to our absence on the blog lately and now it’s time to deliver.
First of all, we want you guys to know just how much we love you and are so grateful for each and every one of you. You are all AWESOME!

Now onto an explanation…

SNAP taught us SO much and helped us realize our potential. Then we realized just how much we needed to improve on to help us reach that potential and our goals. The 12 hour car ride home was full of talking about new ideas for improvement and being giddy over the possibilities that were open to us.

Expanding on these possibilities is what we would like to call our “growing pains” there are some things that just had to happen as frustrating, unpleasant, and unexpected as they have sometimes been, the end result is worth it, at least we hope it will be. Now if I could use these "growing pains" as an excuse to eat more, like a growing child does, then it would be even better, right?!?
One of the most unpleasant growing pains has been that we are no longer the 3 crafty girls. Courtney realized just how awesome she was and has decided to do her own thing. We know you will miss her, we sure will, but don’t cry yet, you can still find Courtney at Crafts by CJ. However, this means it is now just the two of us. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
What does this mean for you? Well, it means that we will be completely infusing our weirdness, our inside jokes, our sisterly relationship, into this blog. We want to make it fun, get to know you and allow you to get to know us and not just the projects we do. Be prepared though, we have been known to be pretty weird and we may not hold back on posting the pictures that make you run out of your house screaming and too scared to ever look at your computer again. That is your official warning!

One of the first things we discovered about ourselves at SNAP is that our name was……well, let’s just say it started to sound weird after saying it 100+ times. I know that anything said 100 times starts to sound weird…bowl,bowl,bowl,bowl,bowl,bowl…you get the point. It was especially bad when Laryssa admitted that she kept wanting to say “Hi, I’m Laryssa from Our DUI Diaries” DUI?!? Okay that meant we had some serious re-thinking to do. We couldn’t have her going around telling people we write about our DUI experiences*disclaimer, we have no DUI experiences to share*…can anyone say AWKWARD?!? So we brainstormed, and brainstormed some more and then, while eating our sweet pork salads from Costa Vida, we found a name that we loved! Are you ready? Blissful 55 Logo-Finals I know, right?!? You’re either loving it, way confused, don’t care, or you hate it. Well let us explain the meaning behind it. We wanted something that was personal to us, that had a story and not just something that shared what we did. We wanted it to be fun and unique. The number 55 represents the number of days that we are the same age. Laryssa is 10 months younger and has always claimed that her birthday is the BEST.DAY.EVER! It's not because of presents or parties but because she is then the same age as me. Those 55 days are supposedly the happiest days of her year, hence, Blissful 55 was born. We hope it will grow on you and you will love it as much as we do. 

You may have noticed that our color scheme for certain things has shifted. We started this shift when it was the 3 of us and we wanted to do our favorite colors. I chose turquoise, Laryssa chose dark purple, and Courtney had chosen orange. We loved the orange so much that we kept it. Thanks Courtney. See your still in our bloggy hearts!

On top of the new name and color scheme, we are working with an incredible designer and doing a complete overhaul of the blog. We can’t wait to reveal it to you. I wish I had a reveal date but sadly, I don’t. Just know that we are working really hard! Or at least the designer is and we just answer lot’s of fun questions. 

There are so many new ideas in the works that we are beyond excited for. Okay, I’ll give another hint *regular giveaways?!?* EEK! I’m so excited! 

So to recap. Our growing pains have included going from 3 down to 2, a new name, a new blog design, and MANY new ideas that still need the kinks worked out of. All that on top of dealing with our lives outside of the blog world. GASP! I know, it’s shameful for us to have lives outside the blog but please forgive us.
This is our explanation for our absence. There’s a good chance you think it’s a lame excuse, and that’s okay, hopefully you don’t think it’s lame enough to leave

Now for our plea....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t leave us. We know it’s frustrating when blogs stop posting regularly or when we do a complete change up on you. However, we truly think that all these changes will be for the best and we can’t wait to see how everything turns out. We really hope that you will be patient with us and grow with us. It’s because of all our amazing readers like you that we want to make these changes and be better for you, provide you with a better experience when you come and visit our virtual home

We hope that you will provide us with your thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, etc. Anything you say truly means so much to us and we would really like to have more interaction with our readers.
Just remember, we totally love you and think you rock and right now we are on our knees begging for you to not leave us *cue sappy music now*

 *I will be changing all the social media names and info on Friday June 22nd.*


  1. Ashlee,

    You just made my night! Thanks!!

  2. LOVE your new name. What a great story behind it. Welcome back and can't wait to see what other changes will be in store for us :)

  3. Sounds fun! So can I enter giveaways and parties too? Or am I banned since I left you?


  4. oh I am liking everything about this! Cant wait to see how everything turns out . Love the new logo/name/colors. Great stuff!


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