June 19, 2012

Work on You Wednesday

“People are attracted to people who can laugh”WOYW

Today, Matt gives us the best homework assignment EVER! If only real homework were this easy…
I have to admit that I am very lucky when it comes to having humor in my marriage and life. Mr. Awesome has an incredible sense of humor and can always make me laugh. He isn’t one to get stressed out easily or make things more serious than they need to be.He truly is a perfect better half to my easily stressed, worry too much self.
I love this quote and the homework assignment.
“Your life does not really need to be as serious as you make it”
Homework Assignment: Start finding the funny.
What are things that you do with your significant other to “find the funny”. How do you keep the humor going throughout everyday life?
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BTW…Mr. Awesome and I joined a gym! EEK I’m excited to start working out more. I’ve also been pinning healthy recipes like C-R-A-Z-Y! Does anyone have any weight loss tips, tricks, recipes, etc.? We are ALL ears!
BTW #2! If you didn’t already know, I am a monthly contributor for the blog Smitten By and each month we have a different theme. This months theme is summer and body image .There are some amazing posts up so make sure to check them out.
BTW #3…You guys ROCK MY SOCKS! Have we told you lately that you’re the best? Well you are!

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