June 12, 2012

Work On You Wednesday!

Hello, Hello! Isn’t everyone just jumping out of their chairs for this weeks work on you Wednesday!?!? I am!  So Matt, in all of his brilliant humor, sent us this fantastic video on Familiarity vs. Fun.  It’s short, sweet and to the point! Love it. Take a look…

See, I told you! Short but oh so sweet. It makes me want to go out and start a water fight with my Husband right now (one because it’s hot outside and two because Matt said it was ok to soak my better half and that’s a good enough excuse as any, right?) So step one to trying new things is to try this recipe from  http://blogchef.net

mmmm Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos thrown on the grill…yes please! ( click the pic to see the full recipe!) It’s the perfect appetizer to make with the Hubby, spicy, new, and creative, love it!
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Have fun and make sure to tell us what new adventures you and your loved one have done!

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