June 28, 2012

Let's Paint Our Vases

I just realized that I never shared May’s Smitten By project that I did. Sorry guys! May’s theme for Smitten by was Mother’s Day….wasn’t the easiest of month’s to figure out a DIY project for. If you haven’t checked out Smitten By, you totally should. It’s a wonderful blog with some amazing contributors. I still can’t believe that I get the opportunity to work with such wonderful women. If only I could make it up to Utah for one of their monthly luncheons….someday.
Here is the post I shared over there. Enjoy!
Can I have like 2.5 sec of pure honesty? Figuring out what to do for May was SUPER hard. I thought of so many cute projects that the children could do for their moms but for that to really work, the dads would need to be reading this post and lets face it…how often does a man read women blogs? Like 2 times out of the year? If that? And if he does, it’s probably because the wife tells him to. If it wasn’t for my constant talking about projects, Mr. Awesome would probably not even know I had a blog. It was also difficult because I can’t post about how to complete a DIY project with children around. Children don’t come easy for us. Our goal of having children someday will be a very long and expensive process which right now, is just unattainable. So unless you count my husband who sometimes masks as a 5 year old, I can’t really relate to doing DIY projects with children around. I do know this though, a Mothers life is HECTIC and stressful so instead of giving some difficult project that could take hours of which will be even longer when  you get constantly interrupted by those adorable  faces and sticky hands, I went with simple. I also wanted to share my current favorite thing to do. VASE PAINTING! It seems that vase painting is all the rage and there are so many ways to do it but again, thinking simple. I loved this idea for Mother’s Day because most Moms will be getting flowers for Mother’s day right? If not, feel free to slap your hubby upside the head! Mr. Awesome even gives me flowers on Mother’s Day with the thought that someday…someday I will be the Mother of his children. So let’s take 5 min and spruce up that oh so ordinary glass vase for those lovely flowers to go in? SONY DSC
I got this vase at a yard sale for $.50. I had a reason for buying it at the time and then ended up not needing it so it has been sitting in the china cabinet, waiting to be given a purpose. Today is that day little vase!
I used Krylon’s Paint and Primer Dual in white spray paint. The turquoise lace is for a little something extra…I’ll get to that.SONY DSC Make sure the vase is nice and clean. It really is as simple as turning the vase upside down and spraying. If you want to get fancy with designs, you could add twine ahead of time, rubber bands, tape a design, tape a stencil on it, maybe add some stickers, and then peel/take off the design after the paint dries. I wanted to add my design element later so I just sprayed the whole thing white. SONY DSCEasy Peasy and super fast right? Your children won’t even know your gone and yet you just gave that vase a little something extra.
Now for my design element. I chose this lace because 1. I had leftovers from another project. 2. I have this lace used in a menu board in the dining room and wanted to bring it into another element in the room. SONY DSCI cut my lace to fit around the skinny part of the vase and then with my hot glue gun, glued it into a band. I’m all about making things interchangeable since I often change my mind. Not that I have a fear of commitment or anything. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCI also had this little flower that had come off something and I’ve just been keeping it until I figured out what to do with it…figure it out I did! Welcome back to life little flower. SONY DSC
I love this little vase. I needed some white décor elements brought into my living room to offset the turquoise. It’s so clean and fresh and is just what this vase needed.
Let’s break down the cost. I actually didn’t have to spend a dime on this project or make any trips to the store. I had everything on had from previous projects. However, that won’t always be the case so here is a rough estimate:
Vase: Can easily be found at the dollar store so $1?
Spray Paint: Runs about $4 a can and trust me, you will have plenty of left overs or could do multiple vases…that would be pretty!
Design Elements: This will vary depending on what you what, you could easily tape off a design or use rubber bands that you have at home.
Total: $5 not including any design elements but I encourage you to get creative with what you have at home. Anything to avoid loading up all the kids just for a trip to Michaels right?
I picked some flowers from my Mothers beautiful garden and they are the perfect touch.SONY DSCI also painted this little vase to house my makeup brushes in.SONY DSC
Don't you just love spray paint? It pretty much rocks!

BTW, can you tell I was enjoying Photoshop a little too much when editing these pics?

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