June 27, 2012

Work on You Wednesday

This week’s video just totally made my day, no my week, and month, and year, and possibly the rest of my life.
Here is a little back story for you. When Mr. Awesome and I were dating, he would get SO. MUCH. CRAP. from his family for supposedly “creepy stalker staring” at me. Trust me when I say that they have greatly over exaggerated, especially when comparing him to Edward staring at Bella like a piece of meat. I wouldn’t have married a creepy stalker freak (unless maybe he was rich) and he really didn’t STARE at me like crazy, but yes, we did enjoy looking into each others eyes. What can I say, he has the greatest blue eyes and they totally light up when he smiles. Nevertheless, we are still teased to this day for it. I just like to think they can’t handle our awesomeness! Matt’s video this week is PERFECT and explains why Mr. Awesome was not wrong to “stare”. He “knew I was the one and saw heaven in my eyes”. In the corny words of How I Met Your Mother, he wanted to “know my soul” HA! (name that episode!) Matt, thank you for justifying our “staring”
To Mr. Awesome’s family: I’ll be expecting apology texts from each and every one of you! SmileWOYW

Fantastic video right? I’m so excited for the homework assignment. Although I’m not sure I will be able to hold back the snorting and laughing. What can I say? The two go hand in hand. Right Laryssa? She may or may not but totally does snort when she laughs…eeek, I might get a black eye for sharing that one. We warned you about our weirdness though, right?
So what did we think of this month's topic? Did you like the short videos vs the longer segments? What topics would you like to learn about? We’d love to hear from you!
Now go stare (with a totally straight face) at your spouse and do as Matt says about putting ourselves in our spouses shoes. What is it like for them to be married to us.
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