June 5, 2012

Work on You Wednesday

Wow, have I missed your awesome virtual faces! Vacation was incredible and so very needed (despite the sun poisoning on my leg…ya I’m cool like that) but it is nice to be home. I know we have been SUPER absent lately, I promise there is an explanation coming your way as well as a plead to stay with us and be patient.WOYW

In the meantime, here is this weeks video from Matt Townsend!
I love this months topic of Reigniting the Spark in Your Relationship. We will be doing 4 short videos each week pertaining to this topic.
I’m so glad that Mr. Awesome happened to be sitting right next to me while I watched this video…there may or may not have been but totally was some gentle elbow nudges into his side. I’d love to know if I’m the only one who’s hubby says “But We’re Married!!!!!” anytime I say “You should take me on a date” Thanks Matt for backing me up on this. I now feel comfortable dragging my Mr. Awesome out on a date, even if he is kicking and screaming. Nice visual huh? I think leaving the cell phones off is a brilliant idea. I am AWFUL at turning my phone off. I have my email connected to my phone and my work is done by email so when I’m away, I am constantly getting emails regarding work and it’s SO hard to not want to constantly respond.
The 3 things that hold us back from doing date nights are 1. Time (hopefully summer will help, despite summer school nigh classes) 2. Money (Law Student Salary…nuff said) and 3. The inability to be decisive…seriously we suck at it! Our conversations go back and forth between “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” “Eh, I don’t care, just pick something” “You pick something. I don’t care either” and as embarrassing as it is to admit, we have played the “I asked you first” game on more than one occasion. Now if you haven’t heard of The Dating Divas. 1. Shame on you! and 2. Go check them out…NOW! I met 2 of them at SNAP….such amazing women and their site is full of wonderful things. I came across this Date Wheel and about died. I swear this fixes all our problems when it comes to dating. MG_3548-copy
Genius right? I can’t wait to make one! Make sure to check out their other posts for advice and other date nights…like I said, amazing stuff there.
So what are some of your favorite dates to go on?

Also, make sure to link up to our Fab not Drab Fridays Party if you haven’t done so, heck even if you have done so, link up another project!

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