July 17, 2012

W. O. Y. W- Making Memories!


Hello, hello fellow bloggers. I hope everyone's week is going just swimmingly (how great is that phrase?! Everyone use it!) Matt has a great tip of the week about making and re-creating memorable moments. 

So my top two favorite quotes “… now some of those are faded because honestly your getting quite old…”  and the second one is “how many of you can’t even walk across the room to  kiss each other? That is what we call pathetic my friends”.  HaHaHa! I love that! This video really made me think about when my husband and I started dating and all the silly things we used to do. One of my all time favorite moments with my husband was our first kiss. Like Matt said, we were at a park and again, like he said, we decided to walk over to a secluded area to sit down for a while. We were sitting side by side  and talking about all kinds of different things, when it came to a point where is sort of got quiet. I still remember it perfectly, he was looking down and said “so, I really want to kiss you right now, but I’m just getting over being sick, so..” (keep in mind he was not making any eye contact what so ever). I couldn’t help but smile and say “ I’ll take my chances.” and the rest was history. I know, I know, awesome story, right?  Comment on some of your favorite memories with your partner, we love to hear adorable stories that make us say “AWWWW”.
As always a special thank you to Matt Townsend for sharing all his wisdom. make sure to check him out at www.MattTownsend.com to view all of his content!
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