July 10, 2012

Work on You Wednesday-Are You “In”

I just spent a fun enrichment night with lots of awesome ladies learning and sharing all of our thrifting finds, tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts. How was your Tuesday night?
This weeks Work on You Wednesday is all about being “in” our relationship. *Ahem* “Paying attention” WOYW

I think we could all be better at paying attention and being “in” our relationship. At least I know I can.
I’m lucky though, Mr. .Awesome usually laughs at all my jokes. Whether he is laughing at how funny they are or laughing because they are so ridiculously lame, he still laughs.
I love the idea of thinking what kind of person we want to be when we are home and with our spouse and family. I also love the idea of Mr. Awesome noticing when I get my hair done…are you reading this hun? I mean what’s the deal…I always notice when he gets his hair cut! Although, that’s probably because I’ve been begging him for weeks to get a hair cut so people stop staring at me when they see me holding the hobo’s hand. Okay, it doesn’t get THAT bad but still…I notice!
So what are some things that help you to be more present at home? This is something I need to work on! I work from home, I blog from home, I craft at home, I clean my home, I cook at home, okay that last one was a joke…sorta, I should cook at home more but you get the point right? I’m at home ALL THE TIME! So when Mr. Awesome gets home, I’d prefer to get out of the house (not good for the pocketbook).  The other thing that makes it difficult is having email on my phone. I have a love/hate relationship with email on the phone. I love it, during business hours, but then if I’m out running errands, on a date, or even at home past business hours, I still constantly get emails. It’s distracting. It sends this sense of urgency rushing over me and business hours can sometimes get thrown out the window, hence why I was doing orders at 9:30 at night. This takes away from my ability to be present. I have found that turning the phone of silent at night tends to take away from my constant checking. I’ve also found that taking a day out the week (usually Sunday, sometimes Saturday) to unplug has helped a ton. It’s my time to relax with the hubs and regroup. I try to only use the phone for text or call and I stay away from the oh-so-addicting computer. I would love ideas though on how you stay present at home and the things that help you be “in” your relationship so comment away!

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