July 25, 2012

Work On You Wednesday-Loving Rituals

Happy Wednesday! I had an amazing, very much needed, girls afternoon yesterday! I think that should be at least a monthly requirement. It was so nice to get away from work for an afternoon and just kind of regroup. Then I went to an DoTerra Essentials Oils class, super interesting! Does anyone use essential oils that would like to share how you think they work? I’d really like to hear some more stories!
Okay, enough about my Tuesday, on to WOYW…

I love that Matt specifies not to just have daily rituals but to have weekly ones, monthly ones, yearly ones. Mr. Awesome and I didn’t get much of a honeymoon, it consisted of a couple nights in a hotel maybe 20 minutes away from home. One of those nights we went out this his family to a comedy show….I know, lame right? Who the heck spends their honeymoon with the in-laws? Ya we totally got made fun of…literally. His family told the comedians that we had gotten married the day before so they used us for some of their material. Now it’s a running joke that we can’t ever go on a date or anything without seeing some part of either his or mine family. We also haven’t taken a trip just the two of us since we’ve been married, nor really celebrated our anniversary. When we chose our wedding date, we didn’t realize that it’s close to finals for school. It was especially bad when he got into law school and reading week was the week of the anniversary and Mr. Awesome would be gone from 6:30a.m. until 9:30p.m. every single day. Have I told you how ecstatic I am that he graduates in December? I can’t wait to be able to celebrate our anniversary!
So have the love traditions been discussed and planned between you and your partner, or are they just implied?
Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday! If you haven’t linked up to our Fab not Drab Party, make sure to do so. We’d love to see what you’ve been working on.

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