July 27, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Painted Silver Trays

Everytime I look through my pictures, I am reminded of the projects that I have not yet posted about. One of those projects are the chalkboard paint serving trays that Laryssa and I made for her shower back in…FEBRUARY! EEK, my bad. And yes, I did make Laryssa help with some things at her shower, I’m so horrible, I know.
So these pictures have been sitting in my computer whining at me, everyday, to edit them and get the post written up. So here you go whiney photos… here are your 15 minutes of fame.SONY DSC

I found the trays at Goodwill on 50% off Saturday for like $.50. The cheapy ones can also be found at the dollar store. I liked the used look since we were going for a vintage theme. I also found a few legit trays for super cheap, yay!SONY DSC
For the paint, you will need:
1 cup Latex Paint in any color you want. I wanted black and used the oops paint that I found at Home Depot for $8.00/Gallon.
2 TBSP of UNSANDED grout. Mine cost about $12.SONY DSC
I used 1/2 TBSP, that’s why there are 4 scoops. Remember, 2 TBSP per 1 cup paint
Stir together and you’re good to go.SONY DSC
That’s it! So to buy the products it cost me about $20 but I didn't even put a dent in both the paint and grout so I could make a ton more chalk paint!
The tape made it into the picture because we attempted to tape off the edges…fail! We ended up just relying on our mad, color inside the line, skills that we learned in kindergarten, we rocked it!
To paint them, we just used cheap foam brushes that I got at Michaels for like $.10 and they worked great.SONY DSC
Laryssa loves pearls so we tried to incorporate that into the shower. After the paint was finished drying, I busted out my gun (hot glue gun, of course) and added some strings of pearls along the edges. SONY DSCSONY DSC
It added that perfect extra vintage, girly touch and we loved how they turned out!
We used them to write the menu for the shower, as well as a welcome sign as people walked in.SONY DSC
This just reminds me that I have yet to do an entire post about all of Laryssa’s shower…shame on me!
Guess I’m off to edit more pictures…


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  1. I can't wait to try these! Love the pearl touch!


  2. Thanks CJ! Let me know how they turn out. Are you still thinking of doing a craft show?


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