July 31, 2012

W.O.Y.W–Flirting is Fun!

Why hello Wednesday, here already? Splendid. This weeks Work On You Wednesday, brought to you by the one and only Matt Townsend, is all about FLIRTING!

He brings up a great point (once again) that just because your married doesn’t mean you can’t flirt with each other a little bit! Us ladies love a little attention from our men thrown our way, as I am sure our men like as well. I just imagine the conversation going like this “ Oh hey my strong handsome husband, looking good in those jeans baby, whistle*” and then you get that look like he thinks you’re a little loopy from running a fever or something. Take a look at Matt’s video to see what he has to say on the subject!
YOU HEARD THE MAN! FLIRT! I for one, decided to make a goal to see how many ridiculous pick up lines I can try out on my husband before he asks me to stop. I’ll keep everyone updated on how this plays out…
Let us know how Matt’s advice works for you!

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