August 3, 2012

Fab not Drab Friday

It’s 12:15 a.m.. Mr. Awesome is snoring sleeping loudly. My usual remedy of a kick to the leg and a jab to the side seems to only make it worse. Add that to my wide open eyes and what do you get? Me, sitting on the couch, fascinated by the 2 Chinese men playing ping pong in the Olympics. Really? Ping Pong? Really? 2 men from the same Country? Really? Have you seen them play? I have to say I’m a little shocked that they can’t keep the ball going longer then they do…not that I could do better. HA! That would be funny to see…me…playing Pin Pong! Can you tell it’s late? I think I need sleep…

I’m pretty sure this is my punishment for not getting the party posted earlier, or maybe it’s because I have a major work deadline tomorrow and am not even close to being finished. Unless you call a faceless princess good enough for a company logo. Curse my lack of inspiration + procrastination!
Okay, back to the topic at hand. IT’S AUGUST! Wowzas! It’s also time for another party!
Have I told you just how much I love Natalie from Doodle Craft? She’s amazing and if you haven’t already, you should blog stalk her…like I secretly do. I’m seriously in love with this gallery  wall. I love chunky frames, I love Peacocks, and I think you all know what my favorite color is… gallery wall scroll mirror
Love, love, love! And do you see those ring holders that she made? Yes, you do need to go check those out! They are totally rockin!
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Can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

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