July 3, 2012

Work on You Wednesday!

Wednesday? Already? Wow, has this week flown by! Today's wonderful tip of the week, brought to you by the one and only Matt Townsend, is all about a girls favorite pastime… cuddling! I mean honestly… who doesn’t love curling up on the couch and cuddling with their loved one?!?! I can truthfully say that I do (…most days). Anyways, us girls must have known in the back of our mind that their was a perfect, logical and scientific reason to cuddle and now we have proof! Take a peek and see what Matt has to say on the subject…

Ahhhh Matt, you rock. I LOVE the part where he says my Husband should give me back rubs more often ( okay, so he didn’t say those exact words, but still). In all seriousness,I do love his ending statement about  how important it is to take time out our busy days to remember to be close and sweet to each other, and like he said in the video, in the end, many years from now, it will the thing we miss the most. 
Alright guys, remember to do your homework. Thanks for watching and remember that Matt Townsend has generously given us access to his content, just  go to townsendrelationshipcenter.com and see Matt whenever you want and hear all his awesome advice.  Click on the "Get Access" button and make sure to enter our coupon code (DIARY) to get your first month for $1. Then you can go visit Matt on his Facebook Page and tell him thank you!

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