August 14, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game !

Take me out to the ball game with this adorable baseball bracelet!Image11
First off- SOMEONE HAS SOME SERIOUS EXPLAINING TO DO!  How is it that I have been a huge baseball fan my entire life ( even as far as to own season tickets for several years) and STILL did not know about this?!?! Are you kidding me!?! I saw it when I was stumbling through some DIY Blogs on and just had to look it up to see who else knows about this awesomeness! Can I just say “ Hi, I’m Laryssa, Apparently I have been living under a rock in the Himalayas for the past 24 years”  This thing is everywhere! I had to try it ASAP!  I used the tutorial from   but they got it from the original makers at Studio13.
I am going to show you a few pictures of my process but to get the full tutorial look here. Image1Gather all Your Supplies. A Baseball, an xacto Knife and a bead to use as a clasp (optional).Image2Cut along the stiches using a fair amount of pressure to get a clean precise cut. Image3Image4Peel apart your (what used to be) baseball.Image5Find the stich that connects the strings together and untie it.  Image6Fold in half to measure your two baseball bracelets. Image7Image8Unravel your string and cut off the excess leather- do not cut off the red string you’ll need it. Image9Add your bead or a loop to close your necklace. Image10
Complete!  This was so easy and fun to make. I really enjoyed the tutorial remember to check out and say thanks for the full “how-to”!



  1. that is awesome!! i love that!

  2. This is so great! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

  3. Yay! Thanks so much Rachel! You have such a wonderful blog!


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