August 28, 2012

Gradient Curtains

I can not believe it is the end of August! I feel like I’ve been absent all month. Let me give you just a quick run down on this past non-existent month. We have had lots of family stuff going on, preparing for school, vacation, awful dentist appointments immediately following vacation (bad idea Jen, bad idea), working my little behind off to catch up on orders following the vacation, major cleaning marathon, more pain, getting back into a schedule (ick) once school started, and lot’s of things in between. What a month right? Mr. Awesome and I did a staycation for a few days the week before school started. It was the 1st time since the honeymoon that we have done anything by ourselves, the rest of our vacations have always been with family. We still ended up seeing family but it was worth the mild interruption to be able so our niece become officially adopted into the family! Yay! I will give you some advice though, NEVER EVER EVER schedule a dentist appointment for the day after you return from vacation! It is the worst idea! The day after we got home, Mr. Awesome and I both had dentists appointment. He was in the chair for 3 hours, I was in the chair for 2. Let me just say, there is nothing like a bad visit to the dentist to remind you that you are no longer on vacation. We have both had to make return visits due to awful pain in our mouth/jaw…it hasn’t been fun. Anyways, onto happier things.
School has started which normally doesn’t get a yippee in my book but it is Mr. Awesome’s LAST semester of law school….or school period (I hope). He graduates in December and I could not be more excited for the next 4 months to fly by. He also registered to take the bar exam in February. All this contributes to the very beautiful and bright light at the end of the tunnel.
Okay so that explains my absence…I’ve missed you though, does that count for something? I’ve been itching to get a post up and now that I’m no longer behind on orders and back on a schedule, I might get a chance to finish some of the many unfinished projects throughout my house.
For now, here is one of my new favorite things. SONY DSC
I don’t think I can technically classify this as a project, it’s certainly not a tutorial but it does have to do with home décor.
I have been in search of curtains for the master bedroom for quite some time, especially after getting the okay from the hubs to proceed with the new color scheme. I thought I would end up just making my own until I was at Target one day and decided to browse the curtain aisle. Best. Decision. Ever. This is where my designer nerd side took over. Everyday I work in graphics programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s my job. I saw these curtains and my inner nerd shouted “GRADIENT ALERT GRADIENT ALERT!” I snagged them up and practically skipped out of the store, I was so excited. SONY DSCThe curtains came in a dark charcoal, a silver, and white. I did 1 panel of charcoal and 2 silver on either side of the 2 panels of white in the middle. I think that’s a grand total of 8 panels. 8 was not totally necessary but the window is pretty long and I love the gathered look! Sure, it probably was more expensive than buying the fabric and enlisting the free help of my personal seamstress to make them, but sometimes, when you find what your looking for, it’s worth just buying them and these were better than the image in my head and for curtains, they were a pretty decent price which made the purchase almost guilt free. I wanted something with texture and sheen and different shades but not bold colors. I wanted that luxurious feel and these provide that 100%. They also helped a ton with blocking the way to early sunlight that liked to peak through in the mornings.  SONY DSCSONY DSCOh curtains, how I love thee!
I also had the HARDEST time deciding on sheets and comforter. It was a debate that went on for at least a couple months. Do I get white sheets and a gray comforter or gray sheets and white comforter? Ultimately the image in my head won out and I went with gray damask striped sheets (also a splurge for the 500 thread count) and then decided on the puckered white comforter from Target. I was super skeptical to get that comforter because I knew it would probably drive me insane with the wrinkles but pain is beauty right? Literally, my pain in steaming the comforter led to a beautiful bed. Nothing a few Tylenol couldn’t fix.SONY DSCProof that I actually did steam each one of those darn things!SONY DSCSo worth it!
We also splurged and got a 2 inch super fluffy mattress topper…seriously, sleeping in my bed is like laying on cloud and having a cloud for a comforter. It’s Heaven. The downside? Never wanting to leave the bed in the morning. SONY DSCThis post might have convinced me that it’s time for a nap…
P.S- The link party and WOYW will take a break until we at least get the new site up and running.
Thanks for sticking with us! You guys are amazing!

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  1. wow, that looks fantastic. I'm loving the bedspread, you are so brave to go with white. We got a memory foam topper for our bed and it is pretty good. I dont want to get out of bed in the morning either. I LOVE the curtains and how you arranged them and the colors and design on them. Squee! They are one of my favorite parts of the picture! (besides the bedspread). Looks SO GOOD!

  2. your room is so pretty! I love the curtains and I have been eyeing that bedspread for a while so so cute!

  3. Thanks girls! The bedspread is pretty great and I totally love my curtains. I can't wait to add some color into the room. I took out all the red and am adding in some navy blue and coral. EEK! So excited!

  4. The gradient curtains shown here are very beautiful. Know all about it


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