September 26, 2012

An Instagram Update

I sorta love Instagram. Who’s with me?
I’m hosting a baby shower for a sweet cousin of mine who is having twins! How fun! So I have been in finish all my random projects, put back together and then clean house, plan and prepare for shower, oh my heck shower is in 3 days! mini panic crunch mode for the last 2 weeks. I feel like I’ve been working on lots of little things and a couple big things so I thought I would share some of the instagram pictures with some captions as a clue for what I’ve been up to and will eventually post.

Those are some beautiful rings right? You’ll never guess where I found them! Yes, I said found…
Here is a sneak peak of the buffet….it’s gorgeous guys…like I LOVE it and I can’t wait to show it to you!
I had a major internal struggle last week and it is still somewhat going on. I had planned on stenciling the top of the buffet in a peacock stencil so to give myself an idea of what it would look like, I quickly traced the stencil onto paper and made lots of copies and then laid them on the top. I think it would be awesome! I’m also considering either a chevron print or herringbone…thoughts?422751_4251453521071_135691832_n
It’s pictures like this that make me afraid 1. To leave the saneness that is the inside of my home (seriously, compared to this, we are pretty sane around here) and 2. For my future children…what will they think of 16-20 years from now? Yikes, nightmares.  This picture was taken when Mr. Awesome and I were on a mall outing with the old goats a.k.a my parents. We made our way to the food court to grab some lunch. You might look at that picture and think “no big deal, cute shoes!” yes, the shoes are cute, possibly something I would try on if I saw them in a store…nope, these beautiful shoes/feet belong to a 35ish? year old bald man in a ratty dusty blue t-shirt and faded black pants with the bottoms rolled up a good 5 inches…ya know, gotta show off those awesome shoes! I managed to snap this picture inconspicuously. My mom however, turned into the proud momma at kindergarten graduation and busted out her camera phone and tried getting up close…like the moms running down the aisle trying to get the good shot…luckily she didn’t get caught…oh Mom, I love you!
252493_4269921782766_1867680641_n I know nothing can beat the awesome shoes but a certain something got another makeover this last week. I’ll give you a hint. Out with red and in with the blue.199330_4252383304315_1746000595_n
This really isn’t post worthy but I’ve had this frame for a couple months and finally found a home for it. The top picture is of my mom and I and the bottom one is of Mr. Awesome and his momma. Both amazing women that I am blessed to have in my life! The middle picture is a favorite quote of mine “My Mother did not tell me how to live, she showed me.” True story.423628_4269531133000_209365834_n
Here is a sneak preview of a last minute project that I did tonight. I love those projects that pop into your head and your done in a matter of a couple hours. That was this project. Any guesses as to what it is? The hint is “let there be light”
And as if the shoe picture weren’t bad enough…I’ll leave you with this.
I promise that I don’t normally go around taking pictures of peoples backsides but then again…most people don’t wear skunk tails on days other than Oct. 31st. It’s just like the rule of no wearing white after Labor Day. Actually, this is far worse! So here is my piece of advice for the week. DON’T WEAR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES OTHER THAN ON OCT.31st….or unless at a specific costume party…but then only go to that party.
What have you all been up to lately?


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