January 13, 2013

DIY Lipstick

Well hello there lovely ladies, today’s blissful DIY project is some amazing moisturizing lipstick. I know what your thinking, a beautiful custom shade of lipstick that is inexpensive and moisturizing does not exist… I thought so too!
lipstick 11
But not only does it exist, but you can be proud to tell the other gals who gawk over it that it was custom made just for your gorgeous lips, you’ll be one classy brat ( and they will never have to know that you’re the one who made it). Lipstick 1So, to get started, you are going to need the following, most of you probably already have this stuff in your junk makeup drawer. wait… everyone has a junk make up drawer right? I’m not the only one?
A tube of chapstick that you never use because its boring and stupid
A little mixing container
Some old eye shadow that would make a great lipstick shade ( I would stay away from the blues, purples,blacks etc. but hey, whatever floats your boat.)
and some toothpicks!

Take your chapstick and do what you always wanted to do when your were a kid and twist it all the way up then snap it off into your container.
Lipstick 2Take some aggression out on that bad boy and smash it up!
Lipstick 3Find a suitable shade of eye shadow and go ahead and smash that up too while your at it. lipstick 4Pour it in and mix it all together. Don’t worry it is not all incorporated quite yet, it will get there after your zap it in the microwave. lipstick 5Microwave that bad boy! Make sure to do it in 20 second intervals and check/stir with a toothpick in between. Mine only went in for 40 seconds and it was perfect! lipstick 8This is what it should look like, it should be very liquidy and very hot. lipstick 9Now, if you are talented enough, feel free to pour your mixture straight from the container to the tube but if your like me and have no real hand eye coordination, use a large spoon. it is much easier. Make sure that you twist the bottom all the way back down again! That is very important. lipstick 10Side Note- If your mixture cools just take a lighter and put it underneath your spoon and it will re-liquefy, keep in mind it does look pretty bad though…  ( My Husband woke up and walked in right when I was doing this part and said “ *Sigh*Really Curi … ok… well why is it so bright in here” .  Once it is in the tube, leave it alone until  it solidifies again, it only took about ten minutes for me.  lipstick 11It's complete! Neat right!? Try it out!


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