January 14, 2013

Baby Shower Onesie Wreath

I told you I’d put up the tutorial for the baby shower onesie wreath, right? Well, here it is! You can find the post about the whole shower here.
I made this as part of the décor for a baby shower that we threw a few months back. SONY DSCYou will need:
1 wreath form
Onesies (the amount depends on how many you want on the wreath, I did 7)
Filler items like socks, wash cloths (not pictures) or blankets
Lots and lots of pins ( I didn’t realize that I placed the onesies over all the pins)
Fabric to cover the wreath form
SONY DSCOkay, so here’s what you should understand about this project. This is one of those ideas that come into your head and then you figure it out as you go because your original idea, wasn’t exactly going to work how you wanted it to.
I covered my wreath form with some white minky fabric strips that I picked up from a discount fabric store called Sass Fabrics (love that place!) SONY DSCNext up is the rolling of the onesie into a flower type pattern.
Step 1: Lay your onesie out flatSONY DSCStep 2: Fold each side in towards the centerSONY DSCStep 3: Fold in halfSONY DSCStep 4: Tightly roll the onesie until you have a onesie rosette SONY DSCStep 5: Take a pin and push it through the onesie and into the wreath. Try to do this at the bottom and as inconspicuous as possible. I also put a couple pins from one onesie to another to hold it all together more. It takes some work to figure the best possible placement of the pins so they aren’t showing but just play with it, you’ll get it.SONY DSCStep 6: Continue to roll and pin until you are happy with the amount.
Step 7: Roll up any filler items (e.g. washcloth) in the same fashion and pin it in.
We also decided to loop some ribbon together and pin them in there for some extra added filler and cuteness.SONY DSCSONY DSCStep 8 (optional): Tie some pacifiers or toys or socks (whatever your heart desires) and hang them in the middle by ribbon. We opted for 2 pacifiers for the 2 twin boys. SONY DSCStep 9: Tie ribbon at the top, hang it up and enjoy!SONY DSC


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  1. That looks very cool! I like it better than the old diaper cake idea <-- although that one is fun too


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