January 15, 2013

A Taste of Summer

So I hate to admit this… but here it goes... ok, are you ready… it’s shocking… I MISS SUMMER! Living in Arizona I honestly never thought I would say that, I kind of hate the 115 degree weather, the blazing sun, the driving around with hot pads on your hands because the steering wheel burns you, etc. But these past few days it has been really cold, and I don’t like it; do you even understand how hard it is to enjoy Bahama Bucks (Shaved Ice) when its below 30 out?!? Slightly harder, but still do-able.
downloadThis is a moving fountain…. It is not suppose to be frozen solid in Arizona… ever.
Anyway, today’s post is a tribute to one of the most amazing, funny, beautiful, sweet, caring, optimistic, devoted and somewhat odd, person that I know, a one and only Mrs. Martha Leah Packard, Jen and I’s grandmother. Now, if there is one thing in the word that Jen and I can agree on (O come on, we agree on a lot!) it is that we love our Grandmother she (along with our Mothers) taught us all about DIY, saving, cooking, baking, sewing, antiquing, collecting, preserving, thrift shopping etc. Lets just say we owe her one… or like a billon, but who’s keeping track.

grandma 1  grandma 2
Our beautiful and amazing grandma, our handsome grandpa, Jen and Myself.
One of my personal favorite memories of grandma was going to her house on a hot summer day, cheeks red, a little sweaty and out of breath from running to her house on my lunch break from school and her digging in the freezer through all the many flavor of ice cream (definitely know where my mother gets her ice cream habits) and pulling out a “Homemade” Ice cream Sandwich. Can you say mmmmmmmm.  Now they weren’t always homemade but they will always be homemade to her grandkids.Image (3)It was no surprise when I was feeling a little nostalgic the other day that I called Jen up immediately and said, “ I need one of grandma’s ice cream sandwiches” She agreed. Grandma definitely had the right idea, she would always make them ahead of time so she could more or less throw them at us when we were late and running out the door to some kind of activity. A cool refreshing, ready to go, exciting special treat for the little ones.
Since this is sooo incredibly easy I’ll spare you my ranting and just chalk it up with a few pictures.
ImageImage (1)Image (2)The only thing I suggest besides the obvious is to let set in the freezer a little bit before serving, and store in an air tight container or wrap in some plastic wrap to keep as a quick sweet treat.
Be Blissful!


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