January 16, 2013

Bakers Twine Lamp Shade

Let me tell you how this project came to be. I was frantically trying to get my house in order to prepare for an upcoming event that I was hosting. I was redoing pictures on the wall, spray painting misc. items, and cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning (I’m kind of OCD about how my house looks before hosting an event, can we say no sleep the night before?) I feel bad for Mr. Awesome who inevitably stays up late with me and just nods and smiles as I explain why lampshade needs to be redone. What can I say? He’s a gem!
Okay, back to the project. I had been hating this plain lamp for a very long time but could never figure out what I wanted to do in it’s place until it was too late and the thought of not doing anything prior to the event took over an rational thinking and then I went looking for things to spruce it up with that I already had. I had purchased some Bakers Twine a few weeks earlier on Pick Your Plum (love that site!) and that’s when the light bulb went off. A Bakers Twine Covered Lamp Shade!!!!! Genius…right? SONY DSCSo this project is pretty intense (not really) so let’s get right down to it and 1st let me apologize for the lack of before picture…again, last minute idea and did I mention it was late?
Supplies needed:
1 Lamp Shade
1 Roll of Bakers Twine
Handful of Push Pins (if you want something more permanent, use hot glue or a different adhesive)
Scissors (gotta cut the Bakers Twine)
Any extra embellishments you might want to add
A couch
A good T.V. Show or Movie
I settled on my couch and put on one of the best T.V. Shows ever..we all know the one I’m talking about…Gilmore Girls! Right?!? That was your answer too? Okay okay, don’t judge me!
I took my Bakers Twine and a pin and placed a pin in the Twine at the top of my shade where the seam was. I took the shade in one hand and the twine in the other and just kept slowly turning my shade while keeping my thumb on the twine to hold it in place.SONY DSCNow keep turning and turning and turning that lamp shade until it’s all covered. I chose to leave a strip of white at the top and bottom of my shade and secured the bottom with a couple more pins. See how intense that was? Once it’s all covered, you can add any embellishments you’d like. I had these 3 fabric flowers that I had made for Laryssa’s Bridal Shower Wreath that weren’t being used anymore and since they match my living room decor, I pinned them on there.  SONY DSC Now my lamp looked was something that I was happy to have around and no longer embarrassed about. SONY DSC So there you have it, a quick, cheap, and easy way to refinish your lamp shade. Bakers Twine…who know?SONY DSC Jtag-300

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