January 20, 2013

New Keys…

So I know everyone has seen the painted keys online and what not, and I have always LOVED that idea! Especially because I can change up the color whenever I want! (I can be a tad bit indecisive). Well I recently had to get 10 new keys to something *wink wink* and decided to try it out on a few of them!
Keys_thumb[2] It’s so easy, I just taped off the keys and painted the nail polish I wanted on each side. It took me a a couple coats and some patients while it dried but that’s it! Awesome right!?
SO- I just happened to come upon so many copies of keys because… drum roll please************* (that’s the only way I know how to make a drum roll in text format, go with it.) …Because The Husband and I finally got a house! YAY! No more apartment! I certainly paid my dues and served time living in an apartment and I am more than thrilled to be getting out! Besides, lets face it, 2 people, a dog and a new baby on the way in a 617 square foot, one bedroom, one bathroom place is not cutting it anymore.
With this being said I am so excited to be doing more/new and exciting posts! I do need to decorate after all and I certainly have a lot more space to fill! Pictures to follow!
Be Blissful! Ltag-300

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  1. awesome, so exciting to finally move in to a real house!


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