January 19, 2013

Sisterly Pranks

Today’s post is not a tutorial for a project or pictures of inspiration. I thought for this weekend, I’d share some stories about us.
Don’t ask me how this got started but for the longest time Laryssa and I would play pranks on each other…like pretty legit pranks. Even after I got married, she pranked our car…I’m still plotting my revenge and must admit, I have some pretty awesome ideas floating around in my head.
This is one of the things Laryssa loves to do most to our car and I should tell you, this is a lighter version of what she likes to do.IMG_0260 IMG_0256Our signature move is to always leave the other a note and certainly not a note of endearment. A note that looks like this…IMG_0261The message can also be sent via text (which I’ve done quite a few times) or by calling and then laughing hysterically while the other person goes into overdrive trying to figure out what prank they just pulled…it makes for a very paranoid but loving sistership (I think I just made that word up but I like it!)
I think all the pranks eventually led to us giving each other this look quite often…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Oh I can’t wait to have my revenge! Do you ever prank your sibling or friends? Better yet, do you have any good ideas? Email them to us if you do!

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