January 23, 2013

Super Quick Tip to Cleaning your Tub

QUICK! WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MIX A HALF A GRAPEFRUIT, KOSHER SALT AND A DIRTY BATH TUB!?!  Any guesses??? Alright I’ll tell you, you get an all natural, super clean smelling and sparkly tub!! Seriously who would have ever thought. 


Here is what you do:
Step 1- take a grapefruit and cut it in half
Step 2- sprinkle generously with kosher salt
Step 3- get your bath tub a little wet and sprinkle additional Kosher Salt (not too much)
Step 4- scrub a dub, dub clean that tub!
Step 5- rinse out remains from tub
Step 6- Admire

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