January 24, 2013

Embarrassing Pictures, Random Thoughts and a Pinterest Success

Okay, bear with me. This post is a bunch of random thoughts and hopefully you can follow along. I thought it was time that we share an embarrassing picture and maybe it’s not that embarrassing but more goofy…? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALet me explain the story behind this picture. This was taken the night before I left for China. Have I told you that I lived in China for a semester? If not, consider yourself told! Anyways, the night before I left, I said all my goodbyes, friends, family, and my 10 month old little puppy, Foxy, who is pictured above our heads. I’m pretty sure that Laryssa and I were told to do our “sexy” faces as my Mother enjoys a good laugh and instead, Laryssa does a sweet smile, leaving me to look like an idiot…thanks a lot Buddy…thanks a lot. I’m also pretty sure that my obnoxious oldest brother is the one standing behind holding Foxy above our heads. I have 2 things to really say about this picture. 1. Laryssa looks great in blue and 2. I kinda miss my hair from those days.
I stumbled onto this picture when I had a nostalgic moment a few days ago. I saw this amazing landscape picture on Pinterest. Here is the link to the pin.
Gorgeous right? That lead to a search of where that landform is in relation to where I lived (turned out to be like 27 hours away by bus), that lead to a longing to go back and show Mr. Awesome all the many sites that I loved seeing as well as to go see some new ones (one day we’ll go). That thought lead to me looking back on all my old pictures from China and that lead to the finding of this picture…phew, that’s a lot of thoughts. It’s no wonder I’ve had a headache for the last few days.
Looking back on old pictures had me remembering how grateful I was for a number of things. Such as…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA vacuum. Trust me, when you’re living in a tiny dorm room with 2 other girls and there’s no vacuum to use, you have to get creative on the ways you can clean. For us, the next best thing to a vacuum was duct tape. This is me, on hands and knees, duct taping our floor clean. Needless to say, I love modern technology that has given me a vacuum.
It also got me thinking of another thing that my days in China made me extremely grateful for…bathtubs. Now before you start thinking that I went a whole semester without bathing (although we all went without shaving legs, TMI? oops my bad…it was a bet! don’t judge), we did have showers. In fact, we had one of those nice walk in showers. Want to see a picture? Of course you do!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASee, a nice, large, walk in shower…NOT! If you notice, we had the sink, the very large mirror above the sink, the toilet, and then the shower, all grouped together in one small, undivided, room. Take a minute and imagine what it would be like to shower, right next to the toilet, while a very large uncovered mirror stare back at you. Words can’t even express how grateful I was when I came home and got into, what seemed like a very large, bathtub…oh and shaved my legs :)
I can’t wait for the day when I finally live in a home with a nice big Jacuzzi tub. Trust me, it will happen…hopefully. For now, I’ll enjoy my little tub.
Now onto the Pinterest success. The thought of taking a bath lead me to sharing this Pinterest success. Some of you may have seen it pinned around, others maybe haven’t. I tried it and LOVED IT! It’s a cleansing soak and man does it feel nice! 
I found it using this link. There are a few other daily detoxing tips in there if you want to try those also but definitely try the bath.
So be grateful for modern amenities and go enjoy a nice detoxing bath!


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