January 25, 2013

A Little Bit of What I Do

Did I ever tell ya’ll that I make cakes? It’s kind of interesting how it all came together. So, visiting back to yester-year when Jen and I were roommates I really got hooked on the “The Cooking Channel” and “Food Network” (also spongebob), like to the point where Jen had to have an intervention with me. Well that’s also around the time when there were all these cake decorating shows coming out and I was intrigued. So when Jen was engaged to be wed, my favorite Auntie M (Jen’s Mommy) approached me and said, “You should make Jen’s wedding cake!”. What and awesome/potentially awful idea! Quickly I agreed to do it. She offered to help me with supplies and take a couple courses to get the idea of things. KEEP IN MIND THAT BEFORE JENS WEDDING I HAVE NEVER MADE A REAL CAKE! She puts waayyy too much trust in me sometimes. It was treacherous and hellacious but here is the end result…
jens wedding cake 2
Not bad for my first time eh???
Slowly, I got better and started doing more and more cakes.
gibson wedding 3
Second Cake
Third Cake

I have done TONS of cakes since I have started my cake making journey, but this next one I must say is my favorite (ok, ok It’s my wedding cake, I am a little partial I suppose).


Thanks for looking and follow your bliss! I sure did!

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