January 30, 2013

Wait for it....

So I know a lot you ladies out there can relate to how difficult, I mean incredibly hard, I mean almost down right impossible, it is to wait to find out the gender of your baby. Let me start from the beginning.  I had a doctor and a doctors office that was eh ok I guess (wasn't in love with them) that I was going to in my first trimester; well when the hubby and I changed insurances we got a new doctor and loved him! BUT I still did have one ultra sound appointment with my old doctor that I was planning on keeping since it would be another month before my new doctors appointment. So I figured why not?! More baby pictures right? I was really really hoping to find out the gender as well, I knew I was far enough along and if they really wanted to and if I was really nice, they could tell me what I was dying to know. So I went in there with the BIG question weighing heavy on my mind... Team Blue or Team Pink?  Unfortunately for me the lovely gal doing to ultra sound decided to just keep that to herself since I was going with a different doctor, bitter much? So skip to what seems to be an eternity later, it is the night before the big day, I made my appointment at 8:00 a.m. because the thought of knowing it was coming and waiting around the house all day is just down right self torture. I get to the cozy Ultra Sound room with my adoring husband and lie there waiting...  keep in mind that we have both been up since 4:00 a.m. unable to sleep because of this. My mind was going a million miles a minute. She scans the head, chest, lungs, tummy and finally she says ...

"Congratulations! It's a BOY!" 

Proud Daddy and Husband!

We are both SO thrilled! Now the big question is... what colors for the little guys nursery... Answer away followers!! I need input! (and so does Jen or else she will kill me) 

A huge "peace out" from Me and the baby!

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